The Unconquered North

A Little History Although the Basque Country finds its home within the Spanish borders, like many other Spanish regions, the Basques have their own language spoken right along Spanish. Euskera, which is spoken by about 37% of the Basque people, is thought to be the oldest language in Europe. The […]

Top 10 Tapas to Try in Spain!

Nothing but Tapas In case you’ve spent your life living under a rick and have yet to discover the wonders of tapas, let me teach you a thing or two. If you’ve already been enlightened by this culinary gift, then just come along to discover the must try tapas for […]

The World Press Photo Exhibit is Finally in Madrid!

The World Press Photo Exhibit will be in Madrid for the next month! “Connecting the world to the stories that matter,” that’s the mission of the World Press Photo, the world’s most prestigious photography competition that through traveling exhibitions is able to “exhibit those stories to a worldwide audience, educate […]

Best Traditional Flamenco in Madrid

The best tablao in Madrid!  Flamenco is a traditional art form that originated with the Gypsies of Andalucía. Although there is no consensus on its exact evolution, it is accepted as a having resulted from the strong cultural influences of regions such as North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Near […]


Best Paellas to Try While In Madrid!  Other than the famous Spanish tapas, the first thing I immediately wanted to try the second I set foot in Madrid was paella. Although a dish that originates in Valencia, on the Eastern Spanish coast, over the centuries, this traditional rice dish has […]

Auschwitz – Arte Canal Exhibition Madrid

For a while now, there has been an exhibition at the Arte Canal Exhibition Centre in Madrid. This exhibition is about Auschwitz and the second world war. When you arrive at the Exhibition Centre you immediately see a wagon, this wagon was used to transport people to camps like Auschwitz. […]


THE BIGGEST SUMMER COMPETITION: LA VUELTA  La Vuelta is a three-week cycling competition at the end of the summer. Its journey varies from year to year and consists of about twenty stages, totalling about 3,000 km. The last stage traditionally ends in Madrid, the capital of Spain. The Tour of […]

Madrid Round 2

Living and studying in Madrid for five months was an incredible experience. When I first arrived at the end of August in 2017, I had no idea that I would become so comfortable in a city I had never been to before. However, once my study abroad experience ended and […]

My First Day in Madrid

Madrid. Summer. Football world cup. Time. Food. People. All of these and many other factors add up to create very special environment which may possibly result in unexpected and exciting experience. Particular experiences will be different for each one of us but overall experiences will be quite similar. This article […]

Rooftops of Madrid

Arriving in June with the expected warm climate, it made sense to take advantage of the abundance of rooftops Madrid. Through recommendation and research (which obviously means visiting such establishments and sampling the alcoholic beverages they have on offer) here is a list of a number of rooftops that are […]

A guide to experiencing the best sunsets in Madrid

Who doesn’t love a good sunset? If sitting on a roof top with a glass of sangria isn’t your thing and you fancy being out in nature viewing the beautiful colours painting the skies and without spending any money, here is the list for you. If you are wondering where […]

What to see in Madrid!

There are so many beautiful things to see in Madrid. That a couple of days or even a week is never enough. But to make the most of it, I have written down some “must see” places in Madrid.   Puerta del Sol, It is located in the very heart […]

13 Reasons Why…Madrid is the best student city

1. Buildings like the Town Hall of Madrid will take your breath away. A picture is worth a thousand words… 2. Tapas in every single corner 3. Amazing views and sunsets 4. There is always something going on, just check with Be Madrid!   5. Good vibes all around the […]

Highlights of El Museo del Prado

With over 20,000 works of art, sculptures and other historic documents, El Museo Nacional del Prado can be overwhelming for a first-timer. Considered to have one of the world’s finest collections of European art, El Prado is a must see when in Madrid. With such an extensive collection, one can […]

Madrid: What to Expect Upon Arrival

  By: Natalie Chai / Boston University Student / Be Madrid Summer Intern   I had just finished my junior year of college at Boston University and was heading to Madrid for a 2-month study abroad program. I was assigned a host family to live with as well as an […]

Best Internet Cafes in Madrid

We all know that working inside an office might not always be the most inspiring work environment, which is why I prefer taking my laptop with me and find inspiration elsewhere. Luckily Madrid is full of great cafes that allow you to escape the office vibe for a little while! […]

Hidden Gems of Madrid

While Plaza Mayor, Sol and Parque Retiro will never get old, you might have already gone there so many times that you’re in need of a change of scenery. If you want to take a break from the Retiro paddle boats (aren’t your arms sore by now?) and your other […]

So you want to be a madrileño?

Going to a new country is a whirlwind of emotions—whether that be excitement, nerves, jet lag or the “Soooo, what now?” feeling that you can never really pinpoint. Thankfully, you’re already a leg-up for choosing Madrid, the best city ever (woo!), especially for students. The city has endless things to […]

The Morocco 411

Since I’m writing to you from Madrid, it probably won’t come as a surprise that I’ve always wanted to study abroad in Spain. I’ve been here for about four months, and Africa had never been on my radar until I arrived. I was lucky enough to visit Tarifa, Spain’s southernmost […]

Real Life Game of Thrones Experience

You’ve binged watched the show and created an emotional attachment to the characters; now it’s time to turn into them.  Luckily, you’re in the perfect location to do so, because you’re not the only one who loves Spain’s beautiful landscapes—the Game of Thrones directors do as well.  Spain is the […]

Spending the Holidays in Madrid

Spending the winter holidays away from home for the first time can be intimidating. You’re away from your family, you might never have experienced cold weather — or maybe you’re just confused on where to buy a Christmas tree! Luckily, we’re here to help you out and make your holiday […]

Where to Eat if You Are Sick of Spanish Food

So you’re a tapas fan, huh? Although I’d strongly advise you not to say that out loud (especially not to a Spaniard), the food here isn’t for everyone. One of the best things about Madrid is the variety of restaurants the city has to offer; if you truly never want […]

A Voyage to Galicia

Galicia, Spain’s northwest province, is a beautiful place that anyone studying in Madrid should take the time to visit. Its prime location—the region has borders with Portugal, the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea—allows visitors to take in a variety of views from the vantage point of one place. Some […]

Spaniards Don’t Hate You, and Other Fun Facts

Before beginning my studies in the beautiful city of Madrid, my university gave us international students a two-hour presentation on adapting to the lifestyle. ¨Sweet,¨I thought, ¨Two full hours to not pay attention and check my phone¨–which is exactly what I did. Therefore, when I moved in with my host […]

5 Actividades que no Deberías Perderte en Madrid

5 Actividades que no Deberías Perderte en Madrid  Madrid es una ciudad mundialmente conocida, ya sea por su oferta de actividades turísticas, sus famosos equipos de fútbol, sus fiestas interminables, su ambiente estudiantil o por cualquier aspecto relacionado con ocio o cultura. Dadas sus dimensiones, Madrid es una ciudad en […]

My First Madrid Experience

Hello,  my name is Suzanne and I’m an 18 year-old girl from the Netherlands living in Madrid for a month now. I came to Madrid on the 25th of August for my internship. The next four months I’ll be living in Madrid, on my own. This is the first time […]

The City That Never Sleeps

Being from the U.S., we always say the New York City is the “City That Never Sleeps”. But my time in Madrid has showed me that this Iberian capital really holds that title. No matter your interests or the time of day, there is never a dull moment in this […]

A Sweet Stroll Through Madrid

The streets of Madrid are full of splendor and music, which of course touch anyone with joy. On summer evenings, stage-theaters and restaurants open their doors to foreigners and locals that are want to have a good time. Terrance restaurants offer unique sceneries, and most importantly delicious food.  Some of […]

Top 5 Currency Exchange Tips

We all know how frustrating currency exchange can be when traveling to a new country. We have all heard horror stories of being charged loads of money just to exchange our own money. It’s a concept that we can’t wrap our heads around. Nothing is more painful to see than […]
Blog 10 things learned

10 things that you’ve learned from your time abroad in Madrid

10 things that you’ve learned from your time abroad in Madrid   1) In Madrid, people are proud to be who they are. Whether it is about fashion, convictions or sexual orientation, as a foreigner, you’ve probably noticed that Madrileños express themselves in a free and uninhibited way. Just have […]
exploring blog

Exploring new places and new languages in Spain

Coming from the United States to be an exchange student in Madrid has been a great opportunity to explore Spain. Hi! My name is Angie Sandoval, and I am a colombian student living in the United States. Recently, I am experiencing a new adventure by being an exchange student in […]
how to find the balance in madrid

How to find balance in Madrid?

We all came to Madrid for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you are studying here, maybe you have an internship or job, maybe you are an au pair, or maybe you are just here to explore and practice your Spanish.  Whatever reason you have for being in Madrid, it can […]
What do we love the most about Morocco

What do we love the most about Morocco?

Morocco is a country full of life, culture and history. With its varied and beautiful landscapes, it is a destination worth going to visit!! From the north to the south, let’s have a look at what we can do and see in this amazing country: 1)Tangier: Situated where the Atlantic […]
so far so good

So far so good

As I have officially been in Madrid for one week, I am starting to feel comfortable in my new city. On my first day here, I was nervous to do simple tasks like order a coffee at a cafe or take the metro from my apartment to Puerta del Sol, […]
madrid a place you will never forget

Madrid: a place you will never forget

When I was looking for a city outside the United States to do my international internship through my university, I decided that Madrid was going to be the perfect place to spend my summer this year. For me, Madrid is not only going to be a place to gain work […]
spanglish survirval methods

Spanglish survival methods

  Living in Spain has been quite the challenge, and as you can probably tell by the title of this story it has a lot to do with speaking Spanish, or in my case not speaking Spanish.It didn’t take me long until I ran into my first problem because on […]

Madrid’s best friends forever

Going abroad as an Erasmus/exchange student , an Au Pair or an Auxiliary of Conversation can be more than just moving to another country. Being a student abroad is a life-changing experience, especially when it comes to interacting with people from different cultures. Being the shy person that I am, […]
madrid no es magico

Madrid no es mágico

ES Hacer una reseña sobre una ciudad normalmente contiene adjetivos abstractos: “mágico, especial, extravagante, especial, libre”. Pero Madrid tiene una característica objetiva que desde mi punto de vista la hace lo que es hace muchos años. La gente joven en Madrid va y viene. ¿Te has enamorado?Los primeros 6 meses […]
Apps Bemadrid


If you’re an Erasmus student and you’ve just arrived, don’t panic! Here is a list of apps that will make your life a lot easier here in Madrid.   The app Metro Madrid will help you learn the city’s metro like the back of your hand. The app contains the […]
malasaña and hipsters

Malasaña & Hipsters

Malasaña is a neighborhood in the center of the city that shows how different arts, styles and cultures can combine to reveal a beautiful and unique atmosphere in Madrid. Malasaña has been a nexus of La Movida Madrileña, a counter-culture that arose from the transition after Franco’s dictatorship ended in […]
madrid and its parks

Madrid and its parks

As an exchange student, I came to Madrid not only for the crazy nightlife, but also because of its culture. Madrid not only has numerous museums and amazing food. It offers a great amount of plazas and parks, which makes the city stand out. At any time, any day you […]
Madrid Nightlife

Madrid’s nightlife

Spaniards really know how to party, why deny it? It’s the truth! Madrid is known as one of the best party destinations in Europe with its variety of clubs and bars.   The club Teatro Kapital or Kapital (C/Atocha 125, Metro:Atocha) is one of Madrid’s biggest clubs. Be ready to […]
las tapas madrid

Las Tapas

What are the first three things that come to your mind when you think of Madrid? Tapas is definitely one of them! Everyone knows that Madrid is famous for its tapas, which are defined as a “small amount of food that is served with a drink.”   As an Erasmus […]
getting started madrid

Getting started in Madrid!

  Are you excited about coming to Madrid? We bet you’re counting the days till your arrival! Madrid is a big city and there are lots of things to do. But first things first, lets explore a  couple of things so that you can then relax and enjoy your experience […]

Unusual Cafes in Madrid

Cafés are a place for studying, hanging out with your friends, or maybe just relaxing… In Madrid, there are many cool places which you will want to visit again! Here are some of the cafés where you can relax and that make you want to say: “I want to stay […]

La Vida Dulce

Everyone knows that churros con chocolate are a must when you’re in Madrid, but if you have a big sweet tooth and like to explore, check out these famous and traditional bakeries Madrileños! We visited almost 20 bakeries in central areas of Madrid, and selected our 5 favorites to share […]
Art Galleries in Madrid

Art Galleries to check out in Madrid

One of the biggest reasons people decide to visit Madrid is for  its collection of museums. It is well known that Madrid’s museums have some of the greatest art collections in the world. The Prado, the Reina Sofia, and more are commonly visited tourist attractions. What many people don’t know, […]