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Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Legal Notification of the following Web

In virtue of what is set forth in the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December concerning the Protection of Personal Information Data and in the Bylaw of Development (Royal Decree 1720/2007 of the 21st of December) the company Feel at Home Solutions S.L. (known as Feel at Home Solution hereafter) informs of the following:


1. Visiting the Web site of FEEL AT HOME SOLUTIONS in domain does not imply that the user should supply any information in relation with his/her identity, making it impossible for any specific user to be identified by the firm. In the case that personal information is supplied this data will be collected and dealt with respecting the rights of those concerned and adhering to the limitations dictated in the cited legislation concerning the protection of private information. Those users who provide personal information data accept in a clear, exact and unequivocal manner the conditions stated in this document.

2. The collection of personal information data will be used, in any event, solely and exclusively, through means of the forms acquired through the Web page which figure in the corresponding tab and through the emails which the users can send to FEEL AT HOME SOLUTIONS at the following address:

The personal information data provided by the user through this Web site will be included in the files entitled “Contact Us”, “Newsletter”, “Get Your Be Card Now”, “Be Trips”, “Upcoming Trips”, “Be Housing” or “Be Activities” whose sole owner is BM, and they will be duly inscribed in the General Registry of the Spanish Agency of Protection of Personal Information. The objective of said files will be solely for the reception of information through the forms of the Web contacts by those users who may be interested in contacting FEEL AT HOME SOLUTIONS to become supporters or associates of the Association, or simply to solicit information about the services and activities which FEEL AT HOME SOLUTIONS supplies.

3. FEEL AT HOME SOLUTIONS has developed all the necessary systems and implemented the organization and technical means within their reach, set out in the legislation of Personal Information Data, in order to avoid the loss, misuse, modification, unauthorized access or theft of the Personal Information Data supplied by the user.

4. The user guarantees that the information, which has been supplied by means of the present Web site, are true, exact, complete and up-dated, being the user solely responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, brought about as a consequence of a breach of the aforementioned obligation.

5. FEEL AT HOME SOLUTIONS is committed to the compliance of their obligation to maintain secrecy as regards the Personal Information received through the present Web site and to their obligation of dealing with the Personal Information with total confidentiality. The Personal Information collected will not be yielded to third parties without the specific consent of the holder of said data.

6. In order to exercise the rights to access, correction, cancellation and opposition (ARCO) of the Personal Information Date that has been supplied by means of this Web site, the user may send a message via electronic-mail to the following address: This petition should contain the following information: First name and surname of the petitioner, home address where notifications can be received, scanned photocopy of the National Identity Card or similar valid form of identification and the petition specifying the exact nature of the request.

7. Upon the termination of the relationship with the user, FEEL AT HOME SOLUTIONS will retain the information as long as is necessary to comply with the necessary legal obligations. Likewise, the company will proceed to cancel the collected information when it is no longer necessary for the objective for which they were supplied.


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