10 Fun Holiday Gifts

The holidays are around the corner and this means gifts and surprises. It is always hard to find the right gift for someone, that’s why we have made a list for you guys. We know you guys are students, so the gifts are under 25 €

1. WHOOSH! Screen cleaner kit

Price 8,45 €

We all have that one friend that always has a dirty screen. Now is the best time to help your friend to clean his screen. The bottle is big enough to fit in a pocket, so your friend can take it everywhere. You can find it on Amazon

2. Lamicall Phone stand

Price 12,99 €

This is the perfect gift to watch Netflix or Face timing with your parent or friends while you are cooking. The Lamicall stand will make sure you don’t have to find the right spot to put your phone so it will not fall. They are even available in different colors; gray, black, silver and red. You can find it on Amazon

3. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Price 13,53 €

This scratch poster is for the movie lovers. On this poster are 100 iconic movies, some you already have seen others you are planning with this poster. When you have watched the movie scratch the title with a coin and it will reveal a movie-related artwork. Don’t forget to buy popcorn! You can find it on Uncommongoods

4. ORIGINS set

ORIGINS use natural ingredients, like potent plants, organic ingredients and 100% natural essential oils. This Origins set will keep your skin smooth and nice. There are three different sets Set The power of water and Make a splash, Set Raw beauty and You’re a natural and Set Glow getters and Bared face glow. Each set cost 19,95€ You can find it on Sephora

5. Wireless Bluetooth karaoke mic

Price 23,99 €

The karaoke mic is for that one friend who thinks can sing and sings everywhere. Give your friend this mic and let your friend sing your favorite songs specially for you. You can find it on Amazon

6. Personalized coffee tumbler

Price 19,95€

Personalize a coffee tumbler for that one special person who always drinks coffee or tea. Now everybody will know whose tumbler it is. The tumbler is laser engraved so you don’t have to worry the name will be washed off. You can find it on Etsy

7. Beard buddy comb

Price 11,00 €

Maintain a good-looking beard isn’t as easy as it looks. It is not only growing the beard; it takes more than that. You have to take care of your beard, trim and comb it. That’s why the Beard buddy comb is a great gift for the person with a beard. Now you can give him something to keep his beard good-looking, he can take it everywhere. You can find it on Prezzybox

8. Live Streaming Selfie Light

22,55 €

To make the best vlog, you need the best light you can get, and this Live Streaming Selfie Light will help you with that. Just clip the light to a table and you will have the perfect light for your vlog. This for the selfie king or queen. You can find it on Uncommongoods

9. Personalized pillow

Price 19,00 €

Make a collage of your best photo with your favorite person and put it on a pillow. Now y have you around every time they are home. You can find it on Regalo Orginal

10. Gift Card

When you really can’t find a perfect gift you always can give a gift card. It’s not an original gift but you always can make someone happy with the right gift card. So, when you really and we mean really, can find a perfect gift, we give you a free pass to buy a gift card and still make someone happy. But don’t forget this should be your last option!