13 Reasons Why…Madrid is the best student city

1. Buildings like the Town Hall of Madrid will take your breath away.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

2. Tapas in every single corner

3. Amazing views and sunsets

4. There is always something going on, just check with Be Madrid!


5. Good vibes all around the city

6. There is always a Reason to celebrate: San Isidro, Fogata de San Juan, Fiesta de la Paloma, Orgullo Gay, 2 de Mayo, etc, etc, etc

7. Perfect location since it is in the center of Spain-everything close by

8. The BEST churro place-San Gines

9. Great Parks for relaxing and chilling with friends, or even boating for only $7

10. Amazing rooftops

11. Multicultural city

12. Madrid does not sleep at night

13. Madrid is special!

It is not the biggest city, nor the most famous one, but Madrid has an unexplainable atmosphere that makes everyone fall in love with it. Once you are a student in Madrid, you become part of the city and part of a family. The feeling that comes with this makes you never want to leave.


--Kenza Abdelmoula

IE exchange student from Morocco 2018

BeMadrid Intern 2018

Best advisor, trust me!