En este momento estás viendo 3 delicious sushi restaurants in Madrid!

3 delicious sushi restaurants in Madrid!

Madrid is home to some of the best food in the world. From tapas to American food, you can find just about anything here in Madrid. One popular food that is taking Madrid by storm is sushi. From sushi buffets to high-end sushi restaurants, Madrid has it all. Every sushi restaurant is a bit different than the others because they each put their unique spins on their dishes. In this article, you will find three of our favorite sushi places located here in Madrid that you have to check out!


Sakale is a popular sushi restaurant that is containing to gain popularity within Madrid. This sushi restaurant puts a modern twist on the classical sushi rolls we know, as they combine Mexican flavors with typical sushi rolls that we love. Sakale also has many other options such as nachos, burgers, fajitas, and more. To make your dinner there even better, be sure to order one of their amazing drinks that people rave about. This sushi restaurant gets amazing reviews on many platforms and it has also won many awards. Make sure to check it out for yourself!

Where is this sushi restaurant located? SAKALE, Madrid - Universidad - Menu, Prices, Restaurant Reviews & Reservations - Tripadvisor

Sakale is located at C. del Molino de Viento, 4, 28004 Madrid!

Will I need a reservation?

Yes! Reservations are highly encouraged due to this sushi restaurant’s popularity.

Yugo the Bunker

Yugo the Bunker, is another great restaurant that is an experience within itself. This sushi restaurant is named and designed after the Japanese World War 2 bunker. The sushi restaurant is underground to replicate an actual bunker, and it is designed in accordance with what the bunker really looked like. On top of all of this, the sushi is amazing and this restaurant even has a Michelin star. You have to go!

Where is this sushi restaurant located? Yugo The Búnker, el restaurante japonés del que los Reyes son socios honorarios

Yugo the Bunker is located at Calle de San Blas, 4 in Madrid!

Will I need a reservation?

Yes! This restaurant is reservation only.


Casa Koi Migrante

Casa Koi Migrante is our final recommendation on this list. It is a great sushi restaurant that merges Argentinian and Japanese cuisine to produce exquisite and delicious sushi. This restaurant is highly renowned for its unique dishes, and it is on every must-try list. It is one of our favorite places to have dinner in Madrid! You have to check it out!

Where is this sushi restaurant located? CASA KOI MIGRANTE, Madrid - Trafalgar - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews - Order Online Food Delivery - Tripadvisor

Casa Koi Migrante has two locations. One is at Trafalgar Street, 12 and the other can be found at Velázquez, 136.

Will I need a reservation?

Yes! Reservations are needed to eat here because of how popular this restaurant has become.

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By: Kathryn Cummings, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ’25

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