En este momento estás viendo 3 tips to understand Madrid public transport system

3 tips to understand Madrid public transport system

Madrid offers a very efficient transport system. But how can one get used to it? Try following these 3 simple tips and you will soon become the master of this city!

Download these useful apps

Madrid is such a big city and you could feel overwhelmed at first. But these useful apps could help you in your day-by-day strolls!

  • Metro de Madrid: by downloading this app you will have quick access to the metro map if you need it while running to the right station!
  • Renfe Cercanías: by downloading this app you will have quick access to the timetable of the main train of the Cercanías line!
  • Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid: apart from being an easy way to access all the useful info about the public transport system in Madrid, you’ll also be able to recharge your transport card through this app!



Choose the best option for you

Public Transport here in Madrid works by cards that have to be charged every now and then. Charging a single ticket (both Metro and EMT – Buses) costs €1.50. If you don’t think you’ll travel a lot by public transport, then maybe this is the best option for you (or you could opt for a ten-travel ticket, which costs €12.20). But if you’re a student and you need to go to classes every day (as well as go out away from home), maybe the Abono Transporte Joven is the best option for you!

With just €20 per month, you’ll be able to move around Madrid with whichever transport system you prefer (and you can also use the Cercanías and the MetroLigero!). More info here!

You can charge it in every automatic machine you can find in every metro station in Madrid or by the Consorcio Regional de Transportes App!

Use Google Maps in a smart way

Google Maps is a very useful app and we all use it to take us wherever we need to. Anyway, there’s an even smarter way to use it, and it is by making it calculate the means of transport we need to catch in order to get to our destination!


(And to get to know different ways to get around Madrid and their prices, check this out!)


By: Alessia Cuofano, University of Naples L’Orientale ’22


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