7 Things to do in Madrid during the winter

7 Things to do in Madrid during the winter

What to do in Madrid during the Winter?

As you probably know, Madrid is “caliente” the whole year, even if the weather is getting colder! Even though there are less people than in July and August, the Madrilenians love meeting in the commercial streets, street food market or in some tapas bar!  The atmosphere is always warm!

In winter, many ephemeral rinks flourish in the squares of Madrid. This is the perfect opportunity to have a great time with family or friends. Now here is some advice if you want to enjoy the winter in Madrid. 

1. As there are fewer people in town, and in the tourist places, you can look for Km 0 at Puerta del Sol. A plaque marks the exact place where the six radial roads of Spain were born. And, it is facing the Real Casa de Correos.

2. Enjoy a chocolate con churros. For breakfast, snack or recover from a festive night. Nobody can really leave Madrid without tasting it once. The historic San Ginés Chocolaterie. Supposedly it is the best one in Madrid! It is a tradition that dates back to the 19th century.

3. Shopping in the Salamanca district. A big fashion show that unfolds around Serrano Street. Local and international shoe stores, jewelers and top fashion brands, display their sophisticated creations in beautiful windows that call to succumb to temptation. 

4. Enjoy a calamari sandwich in Plaza Mayor Nothing is more typical in Madrid! Around the square, a multitude of bars will offer you this delicious specialty.

5. Taste the bartolillos. Spain is not particularly known for its sweet cuisine (apart from the churros) but in Madrid are some biscuits that will satisfy your appetite. The Bartolillos are fried cakes stuffed with cream, bad for your diet but excellent when it’s a little colder.

6. If on a rainy day you do not want to stay at home watching Netflix, go see flamenco. Madrid is the world capital of flamenco, itself inscribed on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. Dance and singing convey pure emotions that make those who see and hear it tremble. The city is full of “tablaos” where to spend an unforgettable evening around this art.

7. Finally, to end a winter day, it’s always better to feel the hot atmosphere of Madrid going to one of the famous Night Clubs of Madrid! For example, in the middle of the city, very close to Sol, is the night club Joy Eslava. No doubts, you will have unforgivable memories here!