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A cultural shock

Have you ever moved out from your home country to live in another country? Then it is normal for you to experience a cultural shock. Everything is new for you the neighbourhood, the culture, the people, and the food. After a while you will get more used to what was first the unfamiliar country you entered and has now become your home for a certain period.

Mental Health

The first month will be a massive rollercoaster for you as you are completely alone in a foreign city. You are probably getting to know your flatmates for the first time, searching for the nearest supermarket, and having your first day at college. These are all incentives that take much effort and energy from you. So, take your rest when you need it as it is a lot to take in. Not everything will go smoothly right away. In the end, you will learn from every experience that you will make in the first weeks even it is a bad experience. Once you are more settled after some weeks you are going to love your new home and make the most out of your abroad experience.

Friends and Family

In the beginning, it is all about making new connections and meeting new people that might become your friends. Do not be scared to let people get to know you, go to places to meet new people, and most importantly start the conversation. Remember that you are not alone in this, and many other internationals are experiencing the same. You are going to discover new cultures and meet new interesting people from all over the world. For instance, start to get to know your flatmates and classmates as you will immediately get to know other people when you go to other paces with them as well. At first, it would be difficult to take distance from your family and friends, but do not let this get away from your international experience. Your friends and family at home also continue with their lives and you need to do the same.

Home country

You are going to miss things from your home country and that is normal as you probably have lived in your home country for the longest part of your live. However, a country always has his upsides and its downsides that you just need to discover for yourself. There will be things that you prefer from your home country, but there will also be things that you prefer from your new country of stay. In addition, it depends for each person and from which nationality you are, but some internationals might experience different cultural shocks because of the cultural differences. From my Dutch perspective, the biggest cultural shock was the structure and time here in Spain. In the Netherlands everything is for the most part planned beforehand even if you are going to meet with a friend later in the week. Overall, you will get used to that. It is all about adjusting to your new environment.


Things might get hard during your international experience, but you will get to know yourself better and what you are capable to achieve. Do not underestimate yourself if you have a good mindset and work hard for things, you can accomplish everything you want. And lastly, enjoy your time now, because before you know it you are flying back to your home country.

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