About us


Be Madrid was founded in 2012 by former exchange students with the objective to help international students to get settled, integrate and get the most out of their stay in Madrid. Since then we have steadily expanded our portfolio to offer you the best services and products that always reflect our core values of community, quality and trust.

From our personal experiences of living abroad we know that the arrival to a new city is usually the most stressful part of your stay and for this we have created a set of helpful services to make your arrival as effortless as possible. We take care of the arrival arrangements so that you can start fully enjoying your stay since the day one!

Our wide selection of free-time activities assures that you will make a bunch of new friends while experiencing the absolute essentials of Spanish culture. Whether you are looking for affordable travel opportunities to discover Spain, social events to meet fellow international students or simply to find out information about Madrid, you can turn to us and we will help you to become part of the Be Experience!

For some it might seem easy to use the internet and various social networks to move to a new city and get settled in. But often it can be an overwhelming, tiring and stressful process. Be Madrid exists to help create a smooth transition for newcomers, and to avoid dealing with dishonest people, poorly organized activities. Since we are all former exchange students and therefore well connected with the student life in Madrid; we understand the potential challenges of finding accommodation, exploring the country, and meeting new people. Come visit our centrally located office at Calle de Esparteros, 10 2ºPiso Puerta 2 (Metro Sol) or come to one of our events and meet our friendly team and fellow students. Be Madrid, we care!


  • "Genera muchísimos beneficios; gracias a la tarjeta pude realizar compras en línea y pagos importantes como el abono de transporte, el plan del teléfono móvil, etc."
    Natalia Smith
  • "Muy buen servicio por parte de Sabadell, la tarjeta que ofrecen para estudiantes internacionales me fue muy útil y es muy fácil y rápida de conseguir."
    Rene Ochoa
  • Be madrid es simplemente una gran familia que puede regalarte experiencias que nunca olvidaras. Lo unico que tienes que hacer es unirte a esta familia y dejarse llevar por la mayor aventura de tu vida.
    Desislava Tzvetanova (Búlgaria)
  • As an American knowing few people, BeMadrid made my experience special. I felt I got the most authentic cultural experience through a range of activities led by the truly passionate BeMadrid team.
    Kobi Joffe, USA
  • BeMadrid is a unique experience that must be lived. It's a great way to make new friends, meet different cultures and travel around Spain with a great team. Its more than just travel. Is BeMadrid.
    David Farah, México
  • Be Madrid provides the opportunity to travel Spain without the hassle of researching and planning everything yourself. It is a fantastic way to experience different regions of Spain while making new friends for even the most seasoned traveler.
    Julia Hetzel, University of Tampa (USA)
  • BeMadrid is a dynamic and fun-loving team that will go out of their way to make sure you're having a good time. Its a great way to get to know Spain and I've actually met some of my best friends on their trips
    Julianne Nicole, EEUU, Auxiliar de conversación
  • Excelentes los viajes con Be Madrid !! Toledo, Avila, Salamanca, Segovia, El Escorial .... Buenos paseos....
    Barbara Martin (Venezuela)
  • Most holistic student group Madrid has to offer! Whether you're looking to travel solo or in groups, need help finding housing, want to delve into the Spanish culture, or just simply want to party, Be Madrid has got you covered! You won't find a cheaper, well-organized, stress-free and fun way to travel. Book a trip with them today and become a part of this awesome community!
    Liz Watkin, Language and Culture Assistant (California)
  • Low cost trips + excellent service/people= Best organization for Erasmus students! Worth your money!
    Leontien F., Hogeschool Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • Be Madrid is a foreign exchange student organization that truly commits to making your stay in Spain a memorable and unforgettable experience. Be Madrid is everything one can imagine it to be: trips, sports, events, culture, and many more that all add up to pure fun adventurous. So if you are in Madrid, don’t miss out on getting in touch with our team and letting them plan for you an amazing weekend.
    Julia Madej, St. Louis University (USA)
  • The best team for living Madrid! Trips, activities and all the best that can happen to you!
    Marco Azzarito Cannella, University of Catanzaro (Italy)