En este momento estás viendo Apps that will help you in Madrid

Apps that will help you in Madrid


Apps that will help you in Madrid

When moving to another country, you will notice that everything is still so unfamiliar to you. You still need to get to know the neighborhood, where the best restaurants are and where to get your supplies. It can therefore be essential to download some apps that will make your life much easier. These apps can for instance serve as navigation, advice or for supplies. The following apps are one of the most convenient apps that will help you during your stay in Madrid.

  1. Google Maps 

This app would probably be the most important and convenient app that you need to download. Google Maps will navigate you easily to every destination in Madrid. Almost everything in Madrid is on walking distance, but you can also choose other forms of transportation. Options, such as: by metro or car. Google Maps is predominantly used for directions but can also be used to find specific shops or stores and the necessary information about them. You can easily check out the neighborhood on Google Maps and save specific destinations such as your home, work, or your favorite restaurants.

  1. Trip advisor 

If you are looking for any recommendations and information about restaurants in your neighborhood, then you should download trip advisor. Trip advisor will provide you all the necessary information you need to know about a restaurant for instance the menu, opening hours, location, reviews from customers etc. The app provides you with information about restaurants all over the world. Besides that, you can also use the app if you need to book a hotel, trips, or activities. You can consider this app as your personal guide that will help you to explore Madrid.

  1. Glovo

And lastly, Glovo. This is a delivery service app that can provide you supplies to your home, which can be everything from food to pharmacy products. If you need anything delivered to your home, then you are going to love this app. The app consists of all kinds of different foods and kitchens which can be fast food, but also some healthier options. For example, you can order different typical Asian, Italian, Spanish or American dishes. This delivery service also delivers other things besides food in case you need anything from the supermarket or from the pharmacy. This app provides you all the essentials you are going to need during your stay in Spain.

The following apps are some examples that can be useful during your stay in Madrid. However, there are of course still plenty of other apps or blogs that might help you with practicing your Spanish or recommendations for the neighborhood. At one moment, you will probably get more familiar with your new home country, and you might not even use these apps anymore!

By: Chelsea Harnas, The Hague University of Applied Sciences ’21

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