Apps Bemadrid

If you’re an Erasmus student and you’ve just arrived, don’t panic! Here is a list of apps that will make your life a lot easier here in Madrid.


The app Metro Madrid will help you learn the city’s metro like the back of your hand. The app contains the whole metro map, a timetable, the city’s map, and so many other extras that are really useful.


If you want to travel to other Spanish cities, the Renfe Cercanías app is your best choice. It will drive you to the popular cities of Barcelona, Málaga, or Sevilla. Designed by the Spanish national train company, this app shares train timetables, trip itineraries and news about delays or incidents.


WhatsApp is probably the best app to stay connected with new friends you just met at your new university, your internship or at an amazing party, and also with people from back home. This app is free and allows you to send messages, images and videos to your other WhatsApp contacts. It also lets you make free video and audio calls.


What about social network apps? Facebook Messenger, a derivative app of Facebook, is also a useful app to chat with your new Facebook friends. Following, both Instagram and Snapchat are designed to share your coolest pictures with friends. On Instagram, you can like and comment on your followers’ pictures and videos. You can also spice up your photographs using filters. With Snapchat, you can take a picture instantly, which will be known as a “snap” and then send it to your contacts. You can also create and share your personal “story”, rather than chatting with your followers.


Let’s be honest. From time to time you are just too tired or too busy to cook. That’s what the app Just Eat is for. You simply order what you want from a list of restaurants the app gives you and wait for your meal to be delivered home.


Finally, whenever you need a taxi in Madrid, just use Mytaxi. The app uses a GPS, which will locate the taxis nearby. It is also possible to pre-book a taxi for a determined time and place.


All these apps are free! Share them with your friends, and let us know if you find other apps that might be useful for new students!

 By Cassie Mengato