Banking for Students

A bank account must sounds a good idea when you come from another country because it helps you to receive International bank transfers, receive your payments if you have a job or an scholarship.

Be Madrid and Sabadell offers you the chance to have a local bank account which will help you to manage your money in an easy way.

Great Benefits with your Debit Card

Our goal is to make your life in Madrid as enjoyable as possible and to aid in this we have created the Be Card, which have many helpful functions and special benefits for you:
  • Free of fees maintenance and for closing your account.
  • Free personalized contactless debit card with Be Madrid image.
  • Free manage for online and mobile banking.
  • Free electronic transfers in Spain.
  • Quick an easy payments inside Spain and European union.
  • Excellent support for online purchases.
  • Costumer services in 7 different languages.
Get your card in one week and enjoy the services of one of the best banks in Spain. Requirements
  • Copy of your Passport.
  • Address in your country.
  • Email and phone number.
  • Letter to prove your activity in Spain (studying/working).
Please complete the form below and we'll be in touch with more information on getting your Be Madrid Debit Card. Note: Some fees can apply when opening your bank account and for having an account in Spain as a foreigner.