Best Paellas to Try While In Madrid! 

Other than the famous Spanish tapas, the first thing I immediately wanted to try the second I set foot in Madrid was paella. Although a dish that originates in Valencia, on the Eastern Spanish coast, over the centuries, this traditional rice dish has spread to all parts of Spain and become so popular that many consider it the national dish.

Although a dish I had tried before, I made it my mission to find the most authentic and best paella in Madrid. After many hours and days of research that included what felt like every single travel website and blog, recommendations by locals, and just wondering the streets here is a list of what I found to be some of the best and most authentic places to try paella in Madrid.

Que si quieres Arroz Catalina    $$-$$$

Address Palacio de la Mision, Calle Principal de Provincias


Socarratt   $        

Address Calle Sann Marcos, 2



La Rayúa Gran Via   $$-$$$

Address Calle de la Luna, 3



La Barraca   $$-$$$

Address Calle Reina, 29



Arrocería Casa de Valencia    $$-$$$

Address Paseo del Puntor Rosale



If after taking one or some of these recommendations you want to take this home with you, because let’s be honest once you try paella you’ll never want to stop eating it, consider taking a paella cooking class. Taught by some expert paella makers, it’s the best way to keep eating this dish no matter where you are in the world, it’s also a great way to show off to your friends. Sure, they learned about wine in their abroad “self-discovery,” but you learned how to make paella, the clearly superior skill.


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