Best Traditional Flamenco in Madrid

Best Traditional Flamenco in Madrid

The best tablao in Madrid! 

Flamenco is a traditional art form that originated with the Gypsies of Andalucía. Although there is no consensus on its exact evolution, it is accepted as a having resulted from the strong cultural influences of regions such as North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Near and Far East. The diverse roots that Flamenco has, make it one of the most popular and long-lasting cultural traditions of Spain, and it can still be appreciated all over the country.

This incredible art form is composed of the canto (song) and the baile (dance) but it takes many different genres and interpretations that have evolved through the centuries. Outside of the Andalucía region; which includes Seville, Granada, y Cordoba; the best place to enjoy Flamenco to all its splendor is in Madrid.

Tablao Las Carboneras is not only located in one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Madrid, but the venue is also in the basement of the old palace of the Count of Miranda. The venue perfectly re-creates tan old cabaret, which were the venues that popularized the dance in the 19thcentury. Paired with the traditional tablao (dance floor for Flamenco) and a restaurant, it offers the perfect setting to enjoy Flamenco to its full splendor.                                                                                                        

As one of the best venues in Madrid to experience this incredible art form, Tablao Las Carboneras not only creates the perfect atmosphere, but it also regularly features shows by renowned artists such as José Maldonado, Candy Román, Ari Alexis Patacuás, Juan Herrera, Shin Yamasawa, Diego Agudo Pinilla, Isabel Fischer, and Ana Palma. There is no question that this will be one of the most magical hours of your life as you find yourself transported to a world of music and dance that you’ve never experienced before.

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