Madrid is a metropolis where to get lost through it’s streets, is as easy as to find something new. Full of hidden gems or as the Spaniards say ‘diamantes sin pulir’, this is without a doubt part of its charm... and as with any city the best way to really get to know Madrid. However, here we will try to give you weekly advice on places, events, lifestyle and travel around this mesmerizing city, that has stolen so many hearts. So enjoy, get involved and hasta luego!


Six Places to Study: Madrid

Madrid has many amazing places to visit, however most of us need to study in the meantime as well. Luckily, this does not mean that you have to lock yourself up in your room and miss out on Madrid’s beauty and atmosphere. There are many great locations to study and […]

Coolest Areas of Madrid

Madrid, the capital and the most densely populated city in Spain. Beautiful, alternative, elegant and cosmopolitan are some words that perfectly characterize this city. The streets are always full of people, especially students. The stores are huge and don’t close before the sun goes down. You can find beautiful restaurants […]

Valentine Dates: Taken vs. Single

Now that Valentine’s Day is near, let’s take a look at some great date locations in Madrid both for those who are and who are not in a relationship.  Parque De Las Siete Tetas If you are taken, this is a great location to watch the sunset with your date. You […]

Five Must-Sees in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the most international, lively, and fascinating cities in the world. There are many places you must see and visit when you are spending some time in the marvelous city. To make it a bit easier for you to know which places […]

10 Fun Holiday Gifts

The holidays are around the corner and this means gifts and surprises. It is always hard to find the right gift for someone, that’s why we have made a list for you guys. We know you guys are students, so the gifts are under 25 € 1. WHOOSH! Screen cleaner […]


Living in the same country for your whole life gives you the comfort of a place you can happily call ‘home’. It’s usually somewhere your heart feels at peace, where you have family, friends, favorite places, food and things to do. So why would you want to give it up […]

How I spent summer in Madrid

Hello, it’s Michelle and I am excited to share with you about how I spent summer in Madrid! This summer, I had the privilege to live here for two months. I came to practice my Spanish and intern at Be Madrid all the way from sunny California. I arrived without […]

Pickpocketing Safety Tips!

It can be intimidating when you arrive to a new city and have no idea about how to be safe. One thing for sure, you should always be cautious of your surroundings and the way that you interpret your safety. Here are some pickpocketing tips for you to get around […]

Finding Their Ways in Madrid

You probably didn’t know this, but at Be Madrid, we are a team of international students. That’s right! Like you, we have all had to come to Madrid and discover it for ourselves. Some of us are here to stay long term and many of us are here to stay […]

How to Use the Metro

It’s Irma here! I love to walk, I prefer it than taking public transport, maybe because I’m from a small city in Mexico. But now that I live in Madrid and have to take longer rides, the metro is my best option because it’s really easy to use and it’s […]

Best Hostels in Madrid

Traveling is so much fun! Isn’t it? But, staying overnight can be a little pricey. You may be familiar with the concept of a hostel which is the cheaper version of a hotel. For example, The Hat is a 4.2-star hostel that costs you €39 a night compared to a […]


Life in Madrid is beautiful, but it is also an expense that I have learned how to control to the best of my ability. As a student living here myself, I have to plan a frugal life that does not devoid me of fun and allows me to do what […]

Renew Your TIE/NIE

Are you a non-European citizen coming to Spain for more than six months? Well, let us tell you what you need for your time here. You may or may not already know this, but you have to register your residence in Spain through an Empadronamiento and the TIE (Tarjeta de […]

Why Homestay is My Home

Hello, I’m Michelle, a Californian infected with wanderlust which has guided my feet to this beautiful city of Madrid. I am living here for two months which means that I had to find a home. My choices were to do a homestay (living with a local family) or to live […]

Green Madrid

Green Areas in Madrid   When you think of Madrid maybe parks and green areas aren’t the first things that come to your mind. However, in the capital city of Spain you can enjoy nature In Madrid there are a heap of stunning parks, but normally people know just a […]