Madrid is a metropolis where to get lost through it’s streets, is as easy as to find something new. Full of hidden gems or as the Spaniards say ‘diamantes sin pulir’, this is without a doubt part of its charm... and as with any city the best way to really get to know Madrid. However, here we will try to give you weekly advice on places, events, lifestyle and travel around this mesmerizing city, that has stolen so many hearts. So enjoy, get involved and hasta luego!


Green Madrid

Green Areas in Madrid   When you think of Madrid maybe parks and green areas aren’t the first things that come to your mind. However, in the capital city of Spain you can enjoy nature In Madrid there are a heap of stunning parks, but normally people know just a […]

7 Things to do in Madrid during the winter

What to do in Madrid during the Winter? As you probably know, Madrid is “caliente” the whole year, even if the weather is getting colder! Even though there are less people than in July and August, the Madrilenians love meeting in the commercial streets, street food market or in some […]

The Unconquered North

A Little History Although the Basque Country finds its home within the Spanish borders, like many other Spanish regions, the Basques have their own language spoken right along Spanish. Euskera, which is spoken by about 37% of the Basque people, is thought to be the oldest language in Europe. The […]

Top 10 Tapas to Try in Spain!

Nothing but Tapas In case you’ve spent your life living under a rick and have yet to discover the wonders of tapas, let me teach you a thing or two. If you’ve already been enlightened by this culinary gift, then just come along to discover the must try tapas for […]

The World Press Photo Exhibit is Finally in Madrid!

The World Press Photo Exhibit will be in Madrid for the next month! “Connecting the world to the stories that matter,” that’s the mission of the World Press Photo, the world’s most prestigious photography competition that through traveling exhibitions is able to “exhibit those stories to a worldwide audience, educate […]

Best Traditional Flamenco in Madrid

The best tablao in Madrid!  Flamenco is a traditional art form that originated with the Gypsies of Andalucía. Although there is no consensus on its exact evolution, it is accepted as a having resulted from the strong cultural influences of regions such as North Africa, Southern Europe, and the Near […]


Best Paellas to Try While In Madrid!  Other than the famous Spanish tapas, the first thing I immediately wanted to try the second I set foot in Madrid was paella. Although a dish that originates in Valencia, on the Eastern Spanish coast, over the centuries, this traditional rice dish has […]

Auschwitz – Arte Canal Exhibition Madrid

For a while now, there has been an exhibition at the Arte Canal Exhibition Centre in Madrid. This exhibition is about Auschwitz and the second world war. When you arrive at the Exhibition Centre you immediately see a wagon, this wagon was used to transport people to camps like Auschwitz. […]


THE BIGGEST SUMMER COMPETITION: LA VUELTA  La Vuelta is a three-week cycling competition at the end of the summer. Its journey varies from year to year and consists of about twenty stages, totalling about 3,000 km. The last stage traditionally ends in Madrid, the capital of Spain. The Tour of […]

Madrid Round 2

Living and studying in Madrid for five months was an incredible experience. When I first arrived at the end of August in 2017, I had no idea that I would become so comfortable in a city I had never been to before. However, once my study abroad experience ended and […]

My First Day in Madrid

Madrid. Summer. Football world cup. Time. Food. People. All of these and many other factors add up to create very special environment which may possibly result in unexpected and exciting experience. Particular experiences will be different for each one of us but overall experiences will be quite similar. This article […]

Rooftops of Madrid

Arriving in June with the expected warm climate, it made sense to take advantage of the abundance of rooftops Madrid. Through recommendation and research (which obviously means visiting such establishments and sampling the alcoholic beverages they have on offer) here is a list of a number of rooftops that are […]

A guide to experiencing the best sunsets in Madrid

Who doesn’t love a good sunset? If sitting on a roof top with a glass of sangria isn’t your thing and you fancy being out in nature viewing the beautiful colours painting the skies and without spending any money, here is the list for you. If you are wondering where […]

What to see in Madrid!

There are so many beautiful things to see in Madrid. That a couple of days or even a week is never enough. But to make the most of it, I have written down some “must see” places in Madrid.   Puerta del Sol, It is located in the very heart […]

13 Reasons Why…Madrid is the best student city

1. Buildings like the Town Hall of Madrid will take your breath away. A picture is worth a thousand words… 2. Tapas in every single corner 3. Amazing views and sunsets 4. There is always something going on, just check with Be Madrid!   5. Good vibes all around the […]