Top 3 Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Top 3 Flamenco Shows in Madrid! Flamenco, the popular Spanish dance, is one of the most important aspects of Spanish culture. People from all around the world travel to Spain

The Best Parties in Madrid

The Best Parties in Madrid Madrid, known for its energetic atmosphere and lively spirit, comes alive when the sun sets. Madrid’s streets transform into a playground for people seeking unforgettable

Rent a room or flat in a Madrid

Rent a room or flat in Madrid Whether you are coming to Madrid as a students, Erasmus student, or as a future intern, of one of the many good universities

Top 3 Tapas Bars in Madrid

Top 3 tapas bars in Madrid! In Madrid and other parts of Spain, we call tapa a “small bite” or snack, that is served free with the drink you order.

Best Gyms Around Madrid

Best Gyms Around Madrid!  Many people are looking to find a great gym, so we decided to compile a list of the best gyms in Madrid. These gyms offeer outstanding

Pride Month in Madrid

Pride Month in Madrid July is pride month, and we take pride celebrations very seriously here in Madrid. Madrid is home to one of the biggest pride celebrations all over

The Best Rooftops in Madrid

The Best Rooftops in Madrid! Madrid has some of the best rooftops to enjoy the spectacular views and the incredible sunsets! Did you know most of them you can enter

3 must-visit sunset spots in Madrid

3 must-visit sunset spots in Madrid Summer in Madrid means that the days are getting longer and warmer, and the sunsets are getting more dramatic. If you have not had

3 museums in Madrid (that you probably haven’t visited yet)!

3 museums in Madrid (that you probably haven’t visited yet)! When it comes to museums in Madrid, one immediately thinks of the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza and Reina Sofía. But Madrid has


3 delicious sushi restaurants in Madrid!

Madrid is home to some of the best food in the world. From tapas to American food, you can find just about anything here in Madrid. One popular food that

shopping district

3 trendy shopping districts in Madrid!

Shopping in one of Madrid’s many shopping districts is one of the most popular activities in Madrid! No matter where you are, you are sure to be close to a

gay bar

3 great gay bars in Madrid!

Tomorrow is July 1st, which is the official kick-off of a week of celebrations here in Madrid. This week will allow people from all over the world to celebrate being

Ice Cream

3 best ice cream shops in Madrid!

With the weather getting warmer in Madrid, you might be looking for a treat to cool off with. With that being said, I have just the treat for you: ice


3 best pools in Madrid (and where to get tickets for them!)

Madrid has everything one could ask for. The only thing missing is the sea. But don’t worry! During the hottest days in the city, you have plenty of possibilities to


3 best vintage stores in Madrid

Vintage is more fashionable than ever, it is becoming an option for those who, as well as appreciating old fashions, want to consume clothes more responsibly. Madrid is one of

3 best supermarkets in Madrid!

It’s well known: in Madrid, you can find everything you’re searching for. This counts for supermarkets too: let’s get to know them! Mercadona The largest Spanish supermarket chain has over


3 cool places to go with the Abono Joven

The Abono Joven (Youth Public Transport Card) is one of the most useful tools students have to get around Madrid. But do you know the coolest places you can get


3 apps that could help you learn Spanish for free

It’s a very good thing to have at least some basic knowledge of Spanish when it comes to moving to Madrid. And I know that it is no joke. But


Best 5 terraces to go for free and enjoy this weather

Madrid’s known for its beautiful views from great rooftop terraces. But did you know that a bunch of them are free? Here are our 5 recommendations! El Corte Inglés Terrace


The new WOWconcept Store in Madrid!

Have you strolled down Gran Vía and noticed something different and cooler? Probably you just passed by the new WOWconcept Store in Madrid! It’s located in Gran Vía, 18 What


3 tips to understand Madrid public transport system

Madrid offers a very efficient transport system. But how can one get used to it? Try following these 3 simple tips and you will soon become the master of this


Best 3 escape rooms in Madrid and their prices

Have you ever heard about Escape Rooms? An Escape Room is a themed real-life game where players use the elements of a room to solve a series of puzzles, find


3 hidden places in Madrid you didn’t know were amazing

Maybe you’ve already explored this magical city and you think you know every single spot of it. But we want to challenge you: we are quite that sure you didn’t


3 things to consider when you are moving to another house

You’re moving to another house and you feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to do? Just focus on these 3 important things: you’ll be alright! Use this guide


3 tips if you want to do online shopping in a smart way

Online shopping is more and more popular these days. Whether you need it for your groceries or your clothes or even new electronic devices, online shopping seems to be the


Activities you can do in Madrid in each season

Madrid is a vibrant city: life floods all over it and it is impossible not to have something to do! In this article, we’d like to introduce you to the


3 tips if you want your daily routine to be more organized

It’s no secret that our world forces us to be overproductive every day: this means that many times we feel like we have no control over the myriads of things


Different ways to move around Madrid and their prices

Moving around Madrid is way easier than you think! And maybe even cheaper than you think! In fact, Madrid counts on a very efficient transport system which has definitely improved


3 tips if you are doing a job interview

Doing a job interview can be very stressful, especially if it is one of your first times and you’re not used to it. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry too much about

How to read university rankings

When it comes to choosing your study path, you take many factors into consideration. Apart from choosing WHAT to study, you are also maybe asking yourself WHERE to do it.


NIE and TIE: what are they? And why do I need them?

If you are planning to move to Madrid, then probably you might have heard about the NIE or the TIE.  But what do these acronyms stand for and why are


3 places you can’t miss if you’re travelling to Toledo

Toledo is one of the most extraordinary cities in Spain and it is only 70 kilometers away from Madrid! Known as the “city of three cultures” due to the historical

Part-time job in Madrid

5 tips if you are looking for a part time job in Madrid

Are you coming to Madrid and still looking for a part-time job? Don’t worry, Madrid offers plenty of opportunities for anyone, you just have to keep in mind these tips

Top 3 Karaoke Places in Madrid

Are you addicted to sing at a karaoke bar with friends? Well, I got you! There are many karaoke bars in Madrid where you could go. In the article there


How to look for a job in Madrid

Are you coming to Madrid and still looking for a job? Let me give you some helpful tips for how to look for a job as searching for a job

playa de la concha - San Sebastián - Spain

What do you need to do while in Spain

The full guide when it comes to Spain When you study in Spain there is so much to see and to do. No matter in which city you are in,


Madrid is a good choice for your study abroad

Madrid welcomes over 40.000 international students to the city for every semester. But for which reasons do so many international students pick their study abroad in Madrid? For the following

ciudad de las artes y las ciencias

Valencia is a true gem and here’s why

Internationals students favourite city Valencia has a lot to offer and is perfect if you can’t choose between city trip and a beach vacation. There are plenty of things you

international student community

What is an international student community and why is it helpful?

Why is an international student community so important? Joining an international student community is one of the smartest things to do when studying abroad. Why? Because it makes the experience


The three lungs of Madrid

The three lungs of Madrid El Retiro Park The most famous park in Madrid is El Parque del Buen Retiro, which is abbreviated as Retiro by most people. Originally a


Gran Vía new station

Gran Vía new station Gran Vía is a metro station on Line 5 and Line 1 of the Madrid Metro, it is located below Plazas Gran Vía and Red de


When are the sales here in Madrid?

Are you ready to bring out the inner shop-acholic in you? When are the sales here in Madrid? Sales are typical all over Spain, Madrid is all about shopping. Here


Tapas bar hopping in La Latina

Do you really like to eat some cheap delicious tapas and experience the vibrant life in Madrid at the same time? Then La Latina is the place in Madrid to


Why do you need a European Youth Card?

Have you ever heard of the European Youth Card? If not, read further to find out more about the European Youth Card and why you should purchase it. The European


Traditional festivals that are held in Spain

Have you seen one of the traditional festivals in Spain? In the beginning of September there have already been plenty of festivals, for instance: Las Fallas in Valencia and Fiesta


Apps that will help you in Madrid

  Apps that will help you in Madrid When moving to another country, you will notice that everything is still so unfamiliar to you. You still need to get to


Where can you eat for a cheap price in Madrid?

Madrid is in many aspects the perfect city to live in for international students. The international community is huge and there are always a lot of fun things to do.

Castle view - Coming to Spain

Things you need to know when coming to Spain

When traveling it is always important to prepare yourself for the country you are going to. What will the culture, weather, and atmosphere be like? Spain is not the same

abanico folclórico - cultural shock

A cultural shock

Have you ever moved out from your home country to live in another country? Then it is normal for you to experience a cultural shock. Everything is new for you

Spanish Slang

What do you have to know about Spanish slang in Madrid

Have you ever heard about Spanish slang? When coming to Madrid you will soon realize that nationals love to speak Spanish slang. Spanish slang is a crazy language and can

Day Trips from Madrid

If you are an exchange student, you definitely want to make the most out of your time abroad. If you are in Spain, that is especially important, as the country

Watch this to improve your Spanish

As discussed in one of our previous blog posts, following entertainment trends in your target language is incredibly helpful. Whether you are a beginner looking to familiarize yourself with the