Day Trips from Madrid

If you are an exchange student, you definitely want to make the most out of your time abroad. If you are in Spain, that is especially important, as the country boasts many incredible cities, monuments, and natural heritage to experience and enjoy. As a student, however, the time might be […]

Watch this to improve your Spanish

As discussed in one of our previous blog posts, following entertainment trends in your target language is incredibly helpful. Whether you are a beginner looking to familiarize yourself with the sounds of your new foreign language or an advanced learner interested in expanding your vocabulary, watching shows, movies, news, and […]

Bizzare productivity hacks

Bizzare productivity hacks. Ditch that to-do list and get 40 hours of work done in 30 minutes! That‘s what I would say if I were a lifestyle guru and tried to sell my newest book of productivity hacks. The truth is, if I had figured this out I would have […]

5 random things you did not know were Spanish inventions

You might have many foreign friends who are proud of their country‘s heritage and go bragging about it all over the place. One of the sources of national pride is also inventions that inquisitive minds have made over the centuries. Italy has the pizza, Hungary has the Rubik‘s cube, Estonia […]

Fitness and health in quarantine

Among all of the changes that we are going through, fitness and health might not be the highest priority. Working, studying, or doing an internship from home can get stressful, and even if your school/work life has not changed much, lack of social interaction impacts our lifestyle. The fact of […]

Tips for learning a new language

Learning a new language is a rather unoriginal goal – yet one that so many people fail. If you made such a resolution this New Year’s Eve and still have not given up on it – congratulations! Around 80% of those resolutions fail by mid-February. So, if you are still […]

Tips for an amazing speech

Fear of public speaking is something many of us suffer from. According to some research, people are less afraid of snakes than speaking in front of a group of people. It can be connected to a level of vulnerability and powerlessness we experience as we expose ourselves completely and become […]

TikTok impact during the Covid-19 pandemic

TikTok seems to be all the hype with Generation Z and beyond. The app that was founded in 2016 as a descendent of musical.ly has been swiftly growing in popularity, but reached its boom during the Coronavirus pandemic – the app accrued 2 billion downloads in April 2020, right at […]

Laptop vs. Notebook: How to make the most out of your classes?

Remembering the good old days of face-to-face classes brings back an image of everyone rushing into the room – and hastily taking their laptops out, turning them on, looking for a spot to charge them… The quirky minority, however, takes their notebooks out and are set to go – those […]

¿Eres nuevo en Madrid? Estas apps te cambiarán la vida

Llegué a Madrid hace tres años y recuerdo lo perdida que estaba entre los pasos de cebra y las personas. Las veía caminando acostumbradas, con una confianza total en las calles, como si se las conocieran de memoria. Quería formar parte de ese encanto madrileño, hacer planes para ver el […]

¡Llegó Navidad! Organiza tus tareas con estas recomendaciones y disfruta de las fiestas

Llegó la Navidad y con ella las fiestas, la familia, los amigos y los planes. Es un momento para disfrutar, despedir el año y recibir el próximo con todas las buenas vibras posibles. Pero sabemos que, seguramente, tendrás muchas cosas que poner en orden para no dejar nada pendiente. Por […]

Mi experiencia con la increíble metodología Bullet Journal

Seguro has escuchado hablar de la metodología del Bullet Journal y es porque muchas personas alrededor del mundo han aprovechado esta increíble herramienta para organizar su cotidianidad. En esta oportunidad, te quiero contar mi experiencia para que, así como yo, también puedas aprovechar sus ventajas.  El método Bullet Journal El […]

Entérate de los mejores lugares que te ofrece Madrid para estudiar fuera de casa

¿Te sientes un poco abrumado por estar tanto tiempo estudiando en casa? ¿Quisieras encontrar algunos lugares que te permitan despejarte y concentrarte mientras estudias? En esta oportunidad, hemos preparado una lista de los mejores lugares que te ofrece Madrid para que puedas salir de casa a continuar con tus actividades.   […]

10 consejos para que la concentración no sea un obstáculo al estudiar

Por experiencia personal, se que estudiar online es un reto para la concentración. Por eso, quiero darte 10 consejos para que no sea un obstáculo al estudiar y puedas tener toda la atención dedicada a tus actividades por unas horas.  Define tu espacio de trabajo: aunque estés en casa recibiendo clases […]

Winter in Spain

While not technically here, one could argue that Winter is right around the corner with the solstice being December 23rd. The weather in Madrid during the winter months tends to be cold and dry, with snow most likely to fall in the city during late December and early January. It […]

Las mejores Apps para organizarte al estudiar online

Aunque estudiar online tiene muchas ventajas, también requiere de mucha organización para poder aprovechar el tiempo y rendir de forma óptima. Por eso, te queremos recomendar las mejores Apps para que no te quedes atrás.   Good Notes: es más que un bloc de notas. Podrás escribir a mano tus apuntes, […]

Constitution Day in Spain

While not here just yet, this week we’ll be covering Constitution Day in Spain which occurs every year on December 6. Constitution Day dates back to June 15, 1978 when an important referendum was passed with 88% of the population voting to approve of this decision. This referendum was passed […]

Aquí están las 7 preguntas que debes hacerte antes de escoger tu curso online

Sabemos lo difícil que puede ser escoger el curso online que mejor se adapte a tus objetivos frente a la variedad de opciones. Es una decisión importante, por eso deberás dedicar unos minutos para investigar lo que te ofrece cada curso y ver cuales pueden ser de tu interés. Por […]

History of Madrid: Part II

On our last post about the history of Madrid, we left on the reconstruction of the Plaza. After the War of the Spanish Succession, the Bourbons took reign of what is present-day Madrid. Under the rule of Philip V, the Royal Palace went under major reconstruction after a fire had […]

Conoce las increíbles ventajas de estudiar de forma online

¿Aún no estás seguro de dar el salto para estudiar a distancia? Te damos cinco ventajas que te harán descubrir porque cada día son más las personas que se suman a estudiar de forma online. Eres tú quien decide Es el momento de elegir lo que realmente quieres y lo […]

Organizing Day Trips

Going abroad during college for a semester or year can be such an exciting time! Many students go abroad the same time as their friends and want to visit them and any family that may live outside of the United States. Choosing where to go for your main stay while […]

History of Madrid: Part I

The beautiful, diverse country of Spain is composed of 17 autonomous regions, with Madrid being its capital. Spain has been conquered and been influenced by several different populations whose effects can still be seen and felt to this day when stepping afoot in certain parts of the country. For the […]

Me gustaría tomar una sangría, por favor

When visiting Spain, ordering a glass of sangria to accompany a classic paella dish is a must-do. Sangria has a long history in the Iberic peninsula, and it’s meaning “bloodletting” is derived from the Spanish word for blood (“sangre”). The drink dates back many centuries ago and was the drink […]

¡Felices Fiestas del Pilar!

This is a busy week for the country of Spain, between La Fiesta Nacional de España and Las Fiestas del Pilar. For the purpose of this article, we will be discussing the history of Las Fiestas Del Pilar as well as the traditions that follow. Like La Fiesta Nacional de […]

La Fiesta Nacional de España

La Fiesta Nacional de España is an annual, national holiday that takes place on October 12 where many businesses close their doors for the day to observe the significance of this day. It is said that this day is to honor Christopher Columbus’ landing to the Americas in search of […]

How to Make Online Classes a Success!

This school year will certainly be a year to remember. Whether classes are synchronous via Blackboard Collaborate, Canvas, Zoom, Skype for Business or Google Meet, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and too drained to bring yourself to complete your homework. But, with the help of a few apps, general tips […]

¡Bailemos Flamenco!

One of the amazing wonders of visiting Spain is being able to sit back and relax while eating authentic tapas and the best sangria while appreciating the talented flamenco dancers for their performance. Flamenco originated in Andalusia, Spain, which is the southernmost autonomous region of Spain. The region is located […]

5 Tips for Online Learning

Create a study space that is free of distractions. Studying in the same space consistently conditions your mind to know that this is your place for studying. You should also avoid doing other things in this space, so that when you sit down, your brain knows that this is where you […]

Migrar a Madrid fue mi gran respiro

Todo empieza cuando vine por primera vez a Madrid en Diciembre 2016 a visitar a mis amigos que habían migrado y tenia tiempo sin ver, era simplemente una visita sin ningún otro plan ya que yo había vivido en Bournemouth, Uk y mi experiencia de migrar había sido tétrica. Durante […]

8 razones para estudiar en Madrid

Hay cosas que toda persona debería hacer al menos una vez en la vida, y una de ellas es vivir una temporada en Madrid. La primera vez que vine fue de vacaciones con mi familia y fue amor a primera vista, -me dije: un día quiero estudiar aquí- ¿Y por […]

7 razones para estudiar un Máster de Turismo en España

Cuando piensas en estudiar un Máster en otro país, lo primero que te viene a la mente y cómo te diseñará para el mercado laboral. Mucho más que pensar en la experiencia internacional, es importante elegir un país donde pueda tener una educación de calidad. Y si el tema es […]

A walk through Madrid

Being able to explore Madrid again has made us feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities of where to go and what to see. After not being able to see anything, you probably want to see everything! So, to make it a bit easier for you, we have made a list […]

Top Terraces: Madrid

We have finally been in phase one for a little while now! This means that we can go to terraces again and enjoy a nice glass of sangria or a tasty mojito with some nachos on a sunny day (or something else of course). Now, where to find terraces and […]

How to skill build in Quarantine

After several weeks of being Quarantined, life will most likely become somewhat boring. In order to avoid that you can always work on a skill and improve one or maybe learn some new skills. Luckily, because of social media and the many platforms we can use, there are many ways […]

Fun Online Games

A great way to spend your time in quarantine is to play games. Unfortunately, it is currently not that simple to play a fun and competitive board game with your friends in the same room. Luckily, there are some amazing (‘board’) games you can play online together with other people. […]

Daily Quarantine Routine

Living in quarantine might make it difficult to live a well-organized and structured life. Your sleep schedule may be disturbed, because you are probably doing a lot less, so your body is not tired enough to sleep. Most importantly, you probably don’t know what to do anymore. So, to help […]

Five Easy Spanish Recipes

After being quarantined for a little while now, you might start running out of ideas and inspiration to cook. You can’t only eat instant noodle soup, pizza, or other microwavable foods every day. It’s important to cook and eat some tasty and fresh meals every once in a while as […]

What To Do in Quarantine?

The last few weeks the world took an unexpected turn and now we are obligated to stay inside for at least two weeks to avoid the coronavirus. No gym, no parties, no parks, only sitting inside and grocery shopping every once in a while to breathe in some fresh air. […]

Top 10 Best Spanish Tapas

Madrid consists of many amazing places and buildings, has a great culture with kind locals, and most importantly, serves delicious food. When you are in Spain you obviously must eat tapas, but which ones are the best? Well, to save you some time answering that question, we made a list […]

Apps You Should Have in Madrid

When you move to Madrid there are a lot of things you will need (to do). For example, you will need food, you will need to travel, pay for a lot of things, party, etc. We wanted to make all of this a bit easier for you, so we listed […]

Six Places to Study: Madrid

Madrid has many amazing places to visit, however most of us need to study in the meantime as well. Luckily, this does not mean that you have to lock yourself up in your room and miss out on Madrid’s beauty and atmosphere. There are many great locations to study and […]

Coolest Areas of Madrid

Madrid, the capital and the most densely populated city in Spain. Beautiful, alternative, elegant and cosmopolitan are some words that perfectly characterize this city. The streets are always full of people, especially students. The stores are huge and don’t close before the sun goes down. You can find beautiful restaurants […]

Valentine Dates: Taken vs. Single

Now that Valentine’s Day is near, let’s take a look at some great date locations in Madrid both for those who are and who are not in a relationship.  Parque De Las Siete Tetas If you are taken, this is a great location to watch the sunset with your date. You […]

Five Must-Sees in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the most international, lively, and fascinating cities in the world. There are many places you must see and visit when you are spending some time in the marvelous city. To make it a bit easier for you to know which places […]

Five reasons to Study Abroad

Living in the same country for your whole life gives you the comfort of a place you can happily call ‘home’. It’s usually somewhere your heart feels at peace, where you have family, friends, favorite places, food and things to do. So why would you want to give it up […]

Finding Their Ways in Madrid

You probably didn’t know this, but at Be Madrid, we are a team of international students. That’s right! Like you, we have all had to come to Madrid and discover it for ourselves. Some of us are here to stay long term and many of us are here to stay […]

Money Management in Madrid

Life in Madrid is beautiful, but it is also an expense that I have learned how to control to the best of my ability. As a student living here myself, I have to plan a frugal life that does not devoid me of fun and allows me to do what […]

Rooftops of Madrid

Arriving in June with the expected warm climate, it made sense to take advantage of the abundance of rooftops Madrid. Through recommendation and research (which obviously means visiting such establishments and sampling the alcoholic beverages they have on offer) here is a list of a number of rooftops that are […]

Madrid: What to Expect Upon Arrival

  By: Natalie Chai / Boston University Student / Be Madrid Summer Intern   I had just finished my junior year of college at Boston University and was heading to Madrid for a 2-month study abroad program. I was assigned a host family to live with as well as an […]

Best Internet Cafes in Madrid

We all know that working inside an office might not always be the most inspiring work environment, which is why I prefer taking my laptop with me and find inspiration elsewhere. Luckily Madrid is full of great cafes that allow you to escape the office vibe for a little while! […]

Hidden Gems of Madrid

While Plaza Mayor, Sol and Parque Retiro will never get old, you might have already gone there so many times that you’re in need of a change of scenery. If you want to take a break from the Retiro paddle boats (aren’t your arms sore by now?) and your other […]

So you want to be a Madrileño?

Going to a new country is a whirlwind of emotions—whether that be excitement, nerves, jet lag or the “Soooo, what now?” feeling that you can never really pinpoint. Thankfully, you’re already a leg-up for choosing Madrid, the best city ever (woo!), especially for students. The city has endless things to […]

A Trip to Galicia

Galicia, Spain’s northwest province, is a beautiful place that anyone studying in Madrid should take the time to visit. Its prime location—the region has borders with Portugal, the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea—allows visitors to take in a variety of views from the vantage point of one place. Some […]

Top 5 Currency Exchange Tips

We all know how frustrating currency exchange can be when traveling to a new country. We have all heard horror stories of being charged loads of money just to exchange our own money. It’s a concept that we can’t wrap our heads around. Nothing is more painful to see than […]

Why you should visit Morocco

Morocco is a country full of life, culture and history. With its varied and beautiful landscapes, it is a destination worth visiting! From the north to the south, we listed what can be done and seen in this amazing country.  1)Tangier: Situated where the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea […]

Spanglish survival methods

Living in Spain has been quite the challenge, and as you can probably tell by the title of this story, it has a lot to do with speaking Spanish, or in my case not speaking Spanish.It didn’t take me long until I ran into my first problem because on day […]

Madrid’s best friends forever

Going abroad as an Erasmus/exchange student , an Au Pair or an Auxiliary of Conversation can be more than just moving to another country. Being a student abroad is a life-changing experience, especially when it comes to interacting with people from different cultures. Being the shy person that I am, […]

La Vida Dulce

Everyone knows that churros con chocolate are a must when you’re in Madrid, but if you have a big sweet tooth and like to explore, check out these famous and traditional bakeries Madrileños! We visited almost 20 bakeries in central areas of Madrid, and selected our 5 favorites to share […]