Rent a room or flat in a Madrid

Rent a room or flat in Madrid Whether you are coming to Madrid as a students, Erasmus student, or as a future intern, of one of the many good universities

Top 3 Tapas Bars in Madrid

Top 3 tapas bars in Madrid! In Madrid and other parts of Spain, we call tapa a “small bite” or snack, that is served free with the drink you order.

Best Gyms Around Madrid

Best Gyms Around Madrid!  Many people are looking to find a great gym, so we decided to compile a list of the best gyms in Madrid. These gyms offeer outstanding

Pride Month in Madrid

Pride Month in Madrid July is pride month, and we take pride celebrations very seriously here in Madrid. Madrid is home to one of the biggest pride celebrations all over


Tapas bar hopping in La Latina

Do you really like to eat some cheap delicious tapas and experience the vibrant life in Madrid at the same time? Then La Latina is the place in Madrid to


Why do you need a European Youth Card?

Have you ever heard of the European Youth Card? If not, read further to find out more about the European Youth Card and why you should purchase it. The European


Traditional festivals that are held in Spain

Have you seen one of the traditional festivals in Spain? In the beginning of September there have already been plenty of festivals, for instance: Las Fallas in Valencia and Fiesta


Apps that will help you in Madrid

  Apps that will help you in Madrid When moving to another country, you will notice that everything is still so unfamiliar to you. You still need to get to