Top 3 Flamenco Shows in Madrid

Top 3 Flamenco Shows in Madrid! Flamenco, the popular Spanish dance, is one of the most important aspects of Spanish culture. People from all around the world travel to Spain

The Best Parties in Madrid

The Best Parties in Madrid Madrid, known for its energetic atmosphere and lively spirit, comes alive when the sun sets. Madrid’s streets transform into a playground for people seeking unforgettable

Top 3 Tapas Bars in Madrid

Top 3 tapas bars in Madrid! In Madrid and other parts of Spain, we call tapa a “small bite” or snack, that is served free with the drink you order.

Best Gyms Around Madrid

Best Gyms Around Madrid!  Many people are looking to find a great gym, so we decided to compile a list of the best gyms in Madrid. These gyms offeer outstanding

Pride Month in Madrid

Pride Month in Madrid July is pride month, and we take pride celebrations very seriously here in Madrid. Madrid is home to one of the biggest pride celebrations all over

The Best Rooftops in Madrid

The Best Rooftops in Madrid! Madrid has some of the best rooftops to enjoy the spectacular views and the incredible sunsets! Did you know most of them you can enter

3 must-visit sunset spots in Madrid

3 must-visit sunset spots in Madrid Summer in Madrid means that the days are getting longer and warmer, and the sunsets are getting more dramatic. If you have not had