Things to do in Madrid


Green Madrid

Green Areas in Madrid   When you think of Madrid maybe parks and green areas aren’t the first things that come to your mind. However, in the capital city of Spain you can enjoy nature In Madrid there are a heap of stunning parks, but normally people know just a […]

A Sweet Stroll Through Madrid

The streets of Madrid are full of splendor and music, which of course touch anyone with joy. On summer evenings, stage-theaters and restaurants open their doors to foreigners and locals that are want to have a good time. Terrance restaurants offer unique sceneries, and most importantly delicious food.  Some of […]
Blog 10 things learned

10 things that you’ve learned from your time abroad in Madrid

10 things that you’ve learned from your time abroad in Madrid   1) In Madrid, people are proud to be who they are. Whether it is about fashion, convictions or sexual orientation, as a foreigner, you’ve probably noticed that Madrileños express themselves in a free and uninhibited way. Just have […]
Apps Bemadrid


If you’re an Erasmus student and you’ve just arrived, don’t panic! Here is a list of apps that will make your life a lot easier here in Madrid.   The app Metro Madrid will help you learn the city’s metro like the back of your hand. The app contains the […]
malasaña and hipsters

Malasaña & Hipsters

Malasaña is a neighborhood in the center of the city that shows how different arts, styles and cultures can combine to reveal a beautiful and unique atmosphere in Madrid. Malasaña has been a nexus of La Movida Madrileña, a counter-culture that arose from the transition after Franco’s dictatorship ended in […]
madrid and its parks

Madrid and its parks

As an exchange student, I came to Madrid not only for the crazy nightlife, but also because of its culture. Madrid not only has numerous museums and amazing food. It offers a great amount of plazas and parks, which makes the city stand out. At any time, any day you […]
Madrid Nightlife

Madrid’s nightlife

Spaniards really know how to party, why deny it? It’s the truth! Madrid is known as one of the best party destinations in Europe with its variety of clubs and bars.   The club Teatro Kapital or Kapital (C/Atocha 125, Metro:Atocha) is one of Madrid’s biggest clubs. Be ready to […]
las tapas madrid

Las Tapas

What are the first three things that come to your mind when you think of Madrid? Tapas is definitely one of them! Everyone knows that Madrid is famous for its tapas, which are defined as a “small amount of food that is served with a drink.”   As an Erasmus […]
getting started madrid

Getting started in Madrid!

  Are you excited about coming to Madrid? We bet you’re counting the days till your arrival! Madrid is a big city and there are lots of things to do. But first things first, lets explore a  couple of things so that you can then relax and enjoy your experience […]

Unusual Cafes in Madrid

Cafés are a place for studying, hanging out with your friends, or maybe just relaxing… In Madrid, there are many cool places which you will want to visit again! Here are some of the cafés where you can relax and that make you want to say: “I want to stay […]

La Vida Dulce

Everyone knows that churros con chocolate are a must when you’re in Madrid, but if you have a big sweet tooth and like to explore, check out these famous and traditional bakeries Madrileños! We visited almost 20 bakeries in central areas of Madrid, and selected our 5 favorites to share […]