The City That Never Sleeps

Being from the U.S., we always say the New York City is the “City That Never Sleeps”. But my time in Madrid has showed me that this Iberian capital really holds that title. No matter your interests or the time of day, there is never a dull moment in this city. You can leave the house in the morning and easily not come home until the following day. I like to think of one Saturday in particular perfectly demonstrates everything that Madrid has to offer.

I woke up early since I hadn’t gone out the night before and went to the local cafeteria for a cafe con leche and my favorite Spanish breakfast, pan con tomate, a toasted baguette served with a tomato purée spread and topped with olive oil and a dash of salt. Weekend mornings in Madrid are one of my favorite times of day. While the city is still relatively quiet, the ones that are awake make for a strange combination. Cute abuelitos are taking a morning stroll, shuffling down the street with their hands held behind their backs while the last to leave the after hours clubs are stumbling home. I had heard about a Vogue exhibition in the Museo Thyssen with paintings that inspired fashion photographs, so I made my way to the museum. Later in the day Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, city rivals, played a Derby match. We snacked on tapas and drank cañas in a bar in La Latina that was showing the game. After the game ended, we continued bar hopping through La Latina, snacking and drinking as we went. We stopped at a bar that was playing lively music for a bit of dancing and from there the night carried us. After a couple more bars, we ended up at a club, partying and dancing until the sunrise. Starving at this point, we went to an after-hours club, that is in a basement. It’s not your average after hours though. This after hours is a piano bar that serves Italian pasta dishes to hungry party-goers who are not quite ready to call it a night, but need some fuel before they keep going. Around 8 the next morning, I finally headed back home. This time it was me passing the abuelitos on their morning stroll.

No matter where your interests may be, you can find something to do in Madrid. And after only a couple days, you can’t help but be carried away by the momentum and rhythm of the city.