Where to Eat if You Are Sick of Spanish Food

Where to Eat if You Are Sick of Spanish Food

So you’re a tapas fan, huh? Although I’d strongly advise you not to say that out loud (especially not to a Spaniard), the food here isn’t for everyone. One of the best things about Madrid is the variety of restaurants the city has to offer; if you truly never want to look at Spanish tortilla again, there won’t be a problem. With this, I give you a list of 5 great non-Spanish food sites in Madrid (and no, it does NOT include McDonald’s!)


  1. Greek and Shop

If you like great food prepared in about 5 minutes, this is the place for you. Aside from sandwiches/gyros (prepared in front of your eyes), this site offers pasta, salad, sweets, drinks & more. Head over to Barrio Malasaña to experience this wonderful Greek food (Perk: it’s open ‘til 2am, so you can end your wild festivities a little early to indulge in great food).


  1. Ojalá

If you’re a fan of salads, sandwiches and hummus (oh my!), this might be your hot spot. Also located in Malasaña, the restaurant has a variety of seating (outside, main floor and downstairs).  Therefore, it serves as a great place to meet with friends, even if you’re just sharing appetizers—although I recommend you get your own meal!


  1. Ópera Pizza

Everyone has to satisfy their pizza cravings sometimes; thankfully, this place can help. If you don’t like pizza (what’s wrong with you?) (kidding) (kind of), have no fear—Ópera also offers sandwiches, pasta and more. Whether you like meat-loaded pizzas or simple Margarita, they’ve got you covered.


  1. Patagonia Artisan Ice Cream

Okay, so not exactly “food,” but clearly the most important part of any meal: ice cream. Aside from being in a great location (close to Sol, so you can go here after walking around), Patagonia has a great variety of flavors to choose from (hint: try the KinderBueno!). And if you’re not a big ice cream fan (again, what’s wrong with you?), they also sell fresh fruit popsicles as well.


  1. Trattoria Malatesta Restaurant

The great thing about Spain is that you can experience great Italian food without having to hop on a plane to Italy.  Aside from great appetizers and pizza, they offer homemade pasta that you can’t get anywhere else. Better yet, it’ll put you in the mood for our Viva Italia Experience, that you also can’t miss out on.


Hopefully this gives you enough options while you’re running away from Spanish food. But don’t worry, you can always go back to tapas if you decide you miss them (they miss you too!).