Come and join us in this magnificent 13 days trip around Europe for a unique Christmas, visiting 6 countries and 13 UNESCO World Heritge Sites.

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  • From Madrid to Heaven
    21/12/2018 - 02/01/2019
    20:00 - 22:00
Day 1: Madrid – Barcelona – Ferry

Enough of lessons! Prepare your luggage and take a coat, because the great winter Eurotrip is commencing. Leave the stress at home and set off to Barcelona, our first destination in this huge winter trip during Christmas holidays.

We will depart from Madrid at night so that we can arrive in Barcelona early in the morning and enjoy the beauty and all the corners that have converted this city in the world’s capital of tourism: from the Sagrada Familia to Passeig de Gracia, walking down the legendary Ramblas and the gothic quarter with its impressive cathedral.

Towards the end of the day, we will voyage across the Mediterranean sea. We will spend the night in an elegant cruise, with all kinds of services that will make the journey very enjoyable: a club, videogames room, restaurants, 24h cafes,  pool, gym, health center, casino… So order that gin tonic, and take in that warm mediterranean breeze.

Day 2: Ferry – Rome

After a whole day enjoying the Mediterranean breeze, we will arrive at Civitavecchia and our Eurobus will take us to the former Caput Mundi is known as the “Eternal City” and everything has an explication. Time appears to have ceased here hundreds of years back, given the large number of remaining monuments and rests of imposing buildings, which turns strolling through the lanes into a trip back so the capital’s golden age.

Day 3: Rome

The capital of Italy and previous “caput mundi” awaits us with its vast history. There are a lot of reasons to visit Rome, an exciting city you will want to come back to. Gastronomy and lively atmosphere are one of those.

We start with the symbol of the city, the most visited landmark in Italy: the Colosseum, which, despite being half torn down, still oozes wonder. Yet, we don’t stop here, as we proceed to Venice Square with impressive Atlar of the Fatherland, the famous Trevi Fountain, we will follow the route until Panthenon, the Novona Square to finish with visiting Spanish Square.

Optional Pack: Guided tour around Rome + Entrance to Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums + Colosseum and Roman Forums

Day 4: Rome

Rome is without doubt a city that requires the longest time to visit it, keeping in mind the density of monuments it has….Soo take an advantage of mild winter of this antique capital of Europe, because our tour leaders will take you to visit all that you couldn’t visit the day before!

Do you prefer to go on your own and buy Christmas presents? In Unitrips we will give you all the freedom, so that no one ends up disappointed. But don’t return back to hotel late, because today we will have a Christmas Dinner with all your new friends from all around the world!

Optional: Christmas dinner.

Day 5: Rome – Vatican – Florence

Today is Christmas!

And there is no better way to celebrate than saying goodbye to the Eternal City and travelling straight to the Vatican, especially because today is the day of the blessing of Urbi et Orbi. We will recieve a blessing from the hands of Pope Francis at the world´s largest church, St Peter.

After having a bit of time to visit Baroque Rome, above all the most photographed object in the world: the Trevi Fountain. From there we will continue to the elegant Plaza de España with its famous steps.

After being blessed, we will continue our tour of the Mediterranean Europe, this time heading in the direction of Florence.

Day 6: Florence – Pisa* – Venice

Florence is not the only place to visit in Tuscany… there are thousands of cities that you need to visit and will leave you amazed! Therefore we have decided to give you the opportunity to visit one of these incredible cities, a city which is home to one of the most famous towers in the world… the Tower of Pisa!

At the end of our tour around Florence you can get one one of our incredible buses and take part in this optional trip to Pisa.

The Plaza de los Milagros is one of the most unique architectural ensembles in the world, comprising the tower, the cathedral, the baptistery and the Campo Santo monumental of Pisa.

After this optional excursion we will return to Florence and continue our trip through Western Europe and head north of Italy to spend the night in Venice. The next day, we will visit the city of canals. A city that had the honour of being one of the most powerful, rich and populated throughout history. Whose trade dominated the Mediterranean and the trade routes of the Orient…Venice!

 *Optional: trip to Pisa – Transport there are back between Florence and Pisa + Pizza + A Surprise!
Day 7: Venice – Alps

Winter is the best time to visit Venice, the first european city turned into an open air museum which attracts so many tourists that almost don’t fit in. Don’t loose a chance to visit it! Because soon, limits will be set to control the traffic of tourists….Or the water can sank it! Get out your camera and search for the best angle to take best pictures of its bridges, “Vaporettos” and “Góndolas”.

We will enjoy the art with Byzantine influence that characterizes the San Marco basilica, and also how crystal in Murano is made and we will appreciate colorful houses in Burano!

In the afternoon, we will give you an option of either continuing in Venice on your own or joining the excursion to islands Murano and Burano. You decide! 😉

Day 8– Alps – Munich

Today we will enjoy the mountains and snow (if we have enoigh time!). This area is dressed up in white during the winter and glistens with its beauty. We will travel alongside  the Adige River, the chain of Italian mountains, known as the Dolomites. Here you will surely be amazed by the great lakes of pure water, the mountains covered in snow and the green Heidi Valleys.

After a long day of taking photos in the mountains that separate Austra and Italy, we will travel through Austria until we reach Bavaria, the most southern area in Germany, famous for its car brands (BMW, Mercedes), its beer and the great capital: Munich.

Day 9: Munich – Neuschweinstein* – Munich

Today you must decide whether you want to stay in the hostel to sleep off your hangover or come on adventure with us to discovery another hidden corner of Europe: the castle of Walt Disney… Sorry, the castle of Neuschweinstein, also known as the castle of the Mad King.

We hope to be lucky and see it with the snow around, to take unforgettable pictures.

You will also have the opportunity to visit Dachau concentration camp, one of the few that still remain today, to remind us of the atrocities of WW2 and this era of Nazi Germany.


  • Visit to the gardens of the Castle of Neuschweinstein (Mad King)
  • Visit to Dachau concerntration camp
Day 10: Munich – Prague

After visiting the historic centre of Munich, which was heavily bombed during WW2, we will get back on the bus. We will continue our trip of Mediterranean Europe but this time in the direction of: Prague!

Welcome to the Czech Republic! Our bus will now take us to another capital that has been the scene of thousands of films.

Day 11: Prague & New Year’s Eve Party

Put on your coat and have a hot drink… the Golden City awaits us!

Before enjoying a crazy new Year’s party, we will visit the old city, the new city, which is also of medieval origin, and the old Jewish quarter.

You can go from the Plaza de la República, which is wherethe gunpowder tower, and the beautiful Municipal House of modernist style are located, to Wenceslas Square. A square that is universally known for being the scene of the “Prague Spring”.

We will go to the state theatre, where several Mozart operas were premiered, and the Jewish Quarter. Then you can stroll through the Clementinum, former Jesuit college, and then get to the famous Charles bridge, with its 30 famous baroque sculptures. If there is time… We can pass by the old market square, the “old town square” with its outstanding and attractive astronomical clock.

We hope you’re not too tired today, because we´ve still got a dinner and a new years party to attend. Every year people from all over the world come to Prague to celebrate this holiday, due to thecharm of the city and the very low price of beer 🙂

Optional: New Year’s dinner & party.

Day 12: Prague – Kutna Hora* – Prague

After a great party, today we will offer you the opportunity to explore another gem of the Czech Republic: Kutna Hora. As a city of world heritage, due to its historic cnetre and its unique church of bones, which can be located in the cemetery of the village.

Would you prefer to sleep all day? Don´t do it! Prague has so much to offer, from its Castle to the Golden Alley where Kafka used to live, a peculiar pair of buildings that come together to create the ´dancing house´.

After this visit we will continue our tour of the Mediterranean and return to Prague in order to contunie enjoying what this magical city has to offer.

*Optional: trip to Kutna Hora

Day 13: Bye Bye Praga

Every good thing has an end… and after this exciting adventure among capitalos of central Europe, it’s time to say goodbye…we hope you come back to another Euro-Adventure!

Price: FROM 790//840 // 850

Meeting Points

Madrid: 21st of December at Atocha Station. Time: 00:30 (Be careful! It’s the night between 20th and 21st)

Barcelona: 21st of December at Barcelona Port.  Time: Around 19:00

The final times will be announced via email a couple of days before the departure.

For different departure points, please, please consult us.

To get to Madrid/Barcelona you can chose:

  • By bus
  • By plane
  • By train

For different departure points, please consult us.

If you have any problem regarding flights or schedules on the days you want, we can give you a hand.

What’s included?

  • Transport in our comfortable Unibus from Madrid to all the mentioned cities
  • Accommodation in the best hostels/ hotels / campings in Europe
  • 1 Night on Boat
  • 2 Nights in Rome
  • 1 Night in Florence
  • 1 Nights in Venice
  • 1 Night in the Alps
  • 2 Night in Munich
  • 3 Nights in Prague
  • 11 breakfasts
  • Multiple beds rooms (or you can specify a single or double/twin room)
  • All costs related to parking, transport and tolls
  • Group leader during the whole trip
  • Assistance throughout the whole trip
  • Guided tours in mentioned cities
  • Many other surprises!

What’s not included?

  • Everything that is not mentioned in “What’s included?”
  • Transport to the starting point
  • Travel insurance and cancellation insurance
  • Flights
  • Optional activities
  • Entrance fees for monuments and attractions
  • Visa fees or other administrative costs
  • Transport within the cities (metro, taxi etc.)

Extras, optionals:

  • Rome Pack: Guided walk around Rome + Sistine Chapell and Vatican Museums + Colosseum and Roman Forum: 55€
  • Trip to Pisa: 35 €
  • Trip to Dachau: 15 €
  • Trip to Neuschweinstein: 12 €
  • Christmas dinner: Price to be confirmed
  • NYE dinner and party
  • Excursion to Kutna Hora with visit to the Bone Chapel: 18€
  • Venice Pack: to be confirmed
  • Entry into National Park 5 Terre: to be confirmed
  • More activities + info during the trip

Informations :

  • The cities in which we will sleep may vary depending on the availability of accommodation, supposing that this will not have an impact on the organisation of the tour.
  • The main language of this tour will be Spanish. However specific translations will be given as much as possible for those who speak english as it is not feasible to carry out the tour in 2 different languages simultaneously.
  • As this is a group trip, a minimum of 40 people are required for the trip to be confirmed.


Dia 1: Se terminaron las clases. Haz tu maleta y coge tu abrigo porque empieza uno de los circuitos por Europa Mediterránea mas divertido, donde dejaremos a un lado el estrés de los exámenes. Saldremos pronto de Madrid, para llegar temprano a Barcelona y poder aprovechar la ciudad condal en toda su hermosura. Disfruta de sus rincones que la han convertido en capital turística mundial: desde La Sagrada Familia, al Passeig de Gracia, pasando por las míticas Ramblas y el barrio gótico con su impresionante catedral.

Dia 2: Después de un día entero disfrutando de las brisas del Mediterráneo, seguiremos nuestro circuito por Europa mediterráneo y llegaremos a Civitavecchia y de allí nuestro Eurobus nos llevará a la antigua Caput mundi.

Dia 3: Hoy, seguiremos nuestro circuito por Europa Mediterranea hacia la capital de Italia y antigua “Caput Mundi” (Cabeza del mundo) nos espera con sus miles de años de historia. Existen un montón de razones para visitar Roma, cautivarse de la ciudad y desear volver a ella, como la gastronomía y su animado ambiente.

Dia 4: Es momento de visitar al símbolo de la ciudad romana, el monumento más visitado de Italia: el Coliseo. A pesar de estar medio derruido, sigue manteniendo el encanto de su historia. Después de visitarlo tendréis tiempo de visitar los lugares que no tuvisteis tiempo de visitar el día anterior. i prefieres ir solo para comprar regalos de Navidad: en este circuito por Europa Mediterránea con Unitrips te dejamos toda la libertad que necesites, para que nadie se quede decepcionado. Pero no vuelvas tarde, porque tendrás la oportunidad de tener una cena de Navidad en toda regla, con todos tus nuevos amigos de todo el mundo.

Dia 5: ¡Hoy es Navidad! Y como no, no hay mejor manera de celebrarlo que despidiéndonos de la ciudad eterna e ir directos al Vaticano, especialmente hoy que es el día de la bendición Urbi et Orbi. Bendición que recibiremos de manos del Papa Francisco desde la iglesia más grande del mundo, San Pedro.

Dia 6: Hoy en este circuito por Europa Mediterránea nos despertamos en Florencia, donde disfrutaremos de la cuna del Renacimiento. Gracias a la familia de los Medici, a partir del siglo XIII, Florencia pasó a ser un referente mundial del arte. Por aquí pasearon y llenaron las calles con sus obras: escritores, poetas, pintores, escultores y genios. Como Rafaello, Miguel Angel, Leonardo, Donatello, Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Botticelli, Machiavelli, Galileo… ¡Sólo por citar alguno!

Dia 7: El invierno es la mejor temporada para visitar Venecia, la primera ciudad europea en convertirse en un museo al aire libre y en atraer tantos turistas que casi no caben. Por eso, no pierdas la ocasión de visitarla. Porque pronto, pondrán un limite a sus visitantes… ¡O puede que se quede sumergida! Saca tu cámara y busca el mejor ángulo para sacar las mejor fotos a sus puentesVaporettos y Góndolas.

Dia 8: Este es el día en que disfrutaremos de las montañas y de la nieve (si el tiempo nos acompaña). Esta zona en invierno se viste de blanco y deslumbra por su belleza. Recorreremos el río Adige, pasaremos por la cadena montañosa de Italia conocida con el nombre de los montes Dolomitas.

Dia 9: Hoy podrás decidir si quedarte en el hostel esperando que la resaca deje descansar tu cerebro, o aventurarte con nosotros a descubrir otro rincón escondido de Europa: el castillo de Walt Disney… Perdón, el castillo de Neuschweinstein, dicho también el castillo del Rey Loco.

Dia 10: Tras visitar el centro histórico de Múnich, el cual fue bombardeado a lo largo de la segunda guerra mundial, subiremos de nuevo al bus. Seguiremos con nuestro circuito por Europa Mediterráneo pero esta vez dirección a: ¡Praga!

Dia 11: Antes de disfrutar de una fiesta loca de Año Nuevo, visitaremos la Ciudad Vieja, la Ciudad Nueva también de origen medieval, y el antiguo Barrio Judío.

Se puede ir desde la Plaza de la República, con la Torre de la Pólvora, y la hermosa Casa Municipal de estilo modernista, hasta la Plaza de Wenceslao. Plaza universalmente conocida por ser escenario de la “Primavera de Praga”.

Dia 12: Después de una gran fiesta, hoy te ofrecemos la oportunidad de conocer otra joya de la República Checa durante este circuito por Europa Mediterránea: Kutna Hora. Ciudad Patrimonio de la humanidad, por su casco histórico y su peculiar iglesia de huesos, que se encuentra en el cementerio del pueblo.

Dia 13: Tras haber pasado esta semana de festejos juntos, en este circuito por Europa Mediterránea, ha llegado el momento de despedirnos, pero estamos seguros que volveremos a quedar muy pronto. ¿Verdad que la Nochevieja en Praga es la mejor fiesta que has pasado?


  •  850€

Meeting Points

Madrid: Día 21 de Diciembre en Atocha. A las 00:30 a la noche (Cuidado es por la del 20 al 21)

Barcelona: Día 21 de Diciembre en el Puerto de Barcelona.  A Las 19:00

Los horarios definitivos se comunicarán por email pocos días antes de la salida.

Para salidas de puntos diferentes, por favor consultar.

Para llegar a Madrid/Barcelona puedes elegir ir:

  • En autobús
  • En avión
  • En tren

Si tienes problemas para encontrar un vuelo en los horarios y  días que quieres, podemos echarte una mano.


  • Viaje en cómodo bus privado a los destinos mencionados en el programa
  • Alojamiento en los mejores hoteles, hostels y campings de Europa:
  • 1 Noche en Barco
  • 2 Noches en Roma
  • 1 Noche en Florencia
  • 1 Noche en Venecia
  • 1 noche en los Alpes
  • 2 Noches en Munich
  • 3 Noches en Praga
  • 11 Desayunos
  • Habitaciones múltiples (doble o single bajo petición)
  • Todos los gastos de transporte
  • Gastos de parking y peajes
  • Group leader durante todo el viaje
  • Asistencia a lo largo del viaje
  • Y más sorpresas….

No incluye:

  • Todo lo que no está mencionado en “Incluye”
  • Transporte hasta el punto de salida
  • Seguro de viaje o de cancelación
  • Vuelos
  • Actividades opcionales
  • Entradas a monumentos, parques, atracciones
  • Gastos de visa o administrativos
  • Entradas a monumentos
  • Billetes de metro/taxi… en las ciudades

Extras, opcionales:

  • Pack Roma: Paseo guiado de Roma + Capilla Sixtina y Museos Vaticanos + Coliseo y foros romanos: 55€
  • Excursión a Pisa: 35 €
  • Entrada al Parque Nacional 5 Terre: Por confirmar
  • Pack Venecia: Por confirmar
  • Excursión a Dachau: 15 €
  • Excursión a Neuschweinstein: 12 €
  • Cena de Nochebuena: Por confirmar
  • Cena y fiesta de Nochevieja: Por confirmar
  • Excursión Kutna Hora: 18€

Informaciones :

  • Las habitaciones múltiples son de 3 a 9 camas, según la disponibilidad del establecimiento. Si quieres habitación doble/twin o individual puedes reservar el servicio extra presente en el formulario de reserva. Las ciudades donde dormiremos pueden variar dependiendo de la disponibilidad de los alojamientos, sin suponer esto un gran cambio en el transcurso del programa. Unitrips se reserva el derecho de reservar en ciudades cercanas de las mencionadas en caso de no disponibilidad.
  • El idioma principal del tour será el Español. No obstante se realizarán traducciones puntuales en la medida de lo posible para los participantes de habla inglesa ya que no es factible realizar el tour el 2 idiomas simultáneos.
  • Al ser un viaje en grupo, se efectuará sólo al tener un mínimo de 40 participantes por viaje.