En este momento estás viendo Pride Month in Madrid

Pride Month in Madrid

Pride Month in Madrid

July is pride month, and we take pride celebrations very seriously here in Madrid. Madrid is home to one of the biggest pride celebrations all over the world, as we have different parades, parties, and celebrations all throughout the month of July. Since the pride celebrations are quickly approaching, we wanted to compile a list of the best pride events in Madrid that you can’t miss!

This year, the gay pride starts the 1st July at 5pm. Be International will be meeting at 5:30PM @P.º de la Infanta Isabel, 1, 28014 Madrid, for a free event to enjoy the gay pride together.

Here are  few parades that are worth attending;

The Pride Parade!

This legendary parade is one of the world’s biggest and best celebrations. Madrid’s pride parade is filled with amazing people, incredible floats, dancers, singers, and so much more! It truly is an amazing celebration of inclusivity and freedom that you have to see. The parade is an all-day event where you will have the chance to meet amazing people and celebrate pride!

  • Where will the pride parade take place?

The pride parade will start at Atocha and travel all the way to Plaza Colon via El Paseo del Prado! You can’t miss it!

  • When does the pride parade take place? 

The parade will take place on Saturday, July 1st!

Mr. Gay Pride!

Mr. Gay Pride is an extremely important and fun part of pride month in Madrid. Mr. Gay Pride is a gay beauty pageant where men from all over the world that have helped the LGBTI community come to compete and many others come to watch. This pageant has been celebrating men reclaiming their sexuality and defending LGBTQ rights since 2008.

  • Where does Mr. Gay Pride take place?

Mr. Gay Pride will be held in Plaza de España for 20.000 people!

  • When does Mr.Gay Pride take place? 

Mr. Gay Pride takes place on Friday, June 30th, 2023.

The Annual High Heel Race

The high-heel race in Madrid is a celebration of pride and one’s identity. Many people join in on this celebration, as it is both fun and light-hearted. Contestants go through three rounds of racing in high-heels, a dress, and lipstick and are awarded prizes based on how they place. If you are interested, you can either race or watch!

  • Where does the high-heel race take place?

This race, celebrating pride, takes place on Calle Pelayo in Madrid’s Chueca district. 

  • When does the race take place? 

The high heel race takes place on Thursday, June 29th, 2023!

4° Pride district : Chueca 

As part of central Madrid, Chueca is a lively, gay friendly neighbourhood jam-packed with cozy sidewalk cafes, tapas bars, restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife, as well as boutiques, and popular markets like San Antón and Plaza del Dos de Mayo. It’s home to the Museum of Romanticism, the Museum of the History of Madrid, and several performing arts theaters.

In Chueca you can find a lot of bars and nightclubs to enjoy the party during the Pride Month, (open all the year too). For example at the Bears Bar, Black and White or Gris. 

Here is the link for all the events in Madrid during the pride month: https://www.madridorgullo.com/en/calendar

5° Muestra•t : la cultura del orgullo

Cultural Pride is the cultural festival of Madrid Pride. Here’s the link to all the Cultural Pride activities taking place during Pride Month: 


Let’s celebrate the LGBTQ+ community together!


Author: Jeanne Voisin

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