Green Madrid

Green Areas in Madrid


When you think of Madrid maybe parks and green areas aren’t the first things that come to your mind. However, in the capital city of Spain you can enjoy nature

In Madrid there are a heap of stunning parks, but normally people know just a few ones.


  1. Retiro Park

“El Parque del Buen Retiro,” called by locals “El Retiro,” is the most famous park here in Madrid.

This park is located in the center of the city, so it is easy to get there, either by metro, bus, or if you are a healthy person you can walk, too. In the Retiro you can do a lot of activities such as yoga, jogging, pilates, or you can also rent a bike. But if you are not an athletic person you can grab a beer or wine at the numerous bars located at the park. And if you like nightlife there is also a cool club called “Florida Retiro“.


  1. Casa de CampoCasa de Campo is the biggest park in Madrid… five times the size of Central Park in New York City! Here you can have a walk, a picnic, do some biking and enjoy the amazing views.


3 . Madrid Rio

In this park you can enjoy a great cultural offering such as theatre, music festivals, and exhibitions which are held at the “Matadero”. Madrid Rio is also a good place to disconnect yourself from the chaos of the city.


  1. El Capricho

You’ll be speechless seeing the beauty of this park.

El Capricho started being put together in 1784 but it was finished until 1999 when Madrid’s City Council bought it. The park is divided in three sections: The English landscape, the parterre of French garden and the Italian giardino. This park also keeps a secret: The bunker of the Jaca position, the only example in Europe of this type of structure of the Civil War in Spain.


5 . Parque de las Cataratas

This park, located in Vallecas, has a fountain similar to a waterfall. It also has a large number of bushes and trees, children’s play areas, dog areas, and a sports area for skateboarding.


6 . Parque de las Siete Tetas ( Vallecas )

“Parque de las siete tetas” literally means “Park of the seven tits”… it gets this name because there are seven hills that you can hike to admire one of the best skylines of the city.

This is the perfect place if you want to enjoy the view while you’re drinking or eating with your friends.

Also if you want to impress a boy or a girl you can bring him/her to this park and you’ll definitely achieve it.


7 . Parque del Oeste

This green area is located near the Moncloa neighbourhood and has very original places as the cable car, the school of ceramics, the rose garden (In 2006 it won the “Garden Excellence Award” granted by the World Federation of Rose Societies, recognising it as one of the exceptional rose gardens worldwide) or the Temple of Debod, near Plaza de España.


8 . Parque de Berlin

This park has been home to remnants of the Berlin wall since November of 1990. It has a lot of large spaces and fountains and there is also a monument dedicated to Ludwig von Beethoven.


9 . Parque Juan Carlos I

This park is a great place to practice different sports. It has a large skating rink, a golf course, a lake and a river for water sports, like canoeing, fishing areas and you can also rent a bike. A wide range of activities are organized for children during the weekends.


10 . Parque de la Quinta de Molinos

This park is placed next to the Atletico de Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano Stadium and to Madrid’s fairgrounds. Here you can see many species of trees such as olive, pine eucalyptus and on February/March you can admire the almond trees in flower