How I spent summer in Madrid

Hello, it’s Michelle and I am excited to share with you about how I spent summer in Madrid! This summer, I had the privilege to live here for two months. I came to practice my Spanish and intern at Be Madrid all the way from sunny California. I arrived without expectations, so everything I experienced was a total beautiful surprise. Here, I encountered a new culture- one of tapas and flamenco shows which are two are my new favorite things; how can I not appreciate food and dance? It’s what you can expect if you ever get to explore the vibrant culture of this city.

One of my summer’s greatest takeaways are the friendships I made and the memories I got to create with them. Lucky for me, I befriended people who had already had some time living in Madrid so they took me to the best rooftops in this city where we watched the sunset with a drink in one hand and tapas in the other. My new friends also encouraged me to travel to nearby cities such as Segovia, Toledo, Valencia and Sevilla! In doing all of this, I picked up a new inspiration for my day to day style. I learned that wedges look cuter than Vans slip-ons and that a fanny pack across my torso is cuter and more convenient than a purse. I also gained an appreciation for the metro system! The reason I got to explore so much of the center of Madrid is because I had quick access from one metro station to the next five stops and enter a whole new neighborhood. Words cannot explain how Madrid welcomed me with open arms and it will for you too!