How to find balance in Madrid?

how to find the balance in madrid

We all came to Madrid for a variety of reasons.  Maybe you are studying here, maybe you have an internship or job, maybe you are an au pair, or maybe you are just here to explore and practice your Spanish.  Whatever reason you have for being in Madrid, it can sometimes be a struggle to find a balance between getting your work done and having fun in your new city.

Here are some tips I put together to help you get the most out of your time here while still being productive:

1. Work at a Café instead of your home…

Instead of working at home, get your work done in a cool cafe. Grab your laptop and head to one of Madrid’s many unique spots to have some coffee and a traditional Spanish snack or meal while you use your computer.  

2. Read your books on “El Retiro” 

Bring your book to “El Retiro” or another park to enjoy the sun and get your reading done in a fun environment while also working on your tan and perhaps listening to street artists perform.

3. Stay fit while having fun!

Don’t forget about staying fit! If it’s getting too hot outside to go on a run, sign up for a dance class at a local dance studio. Try out flamenco or salsa and learn more about the Spanish culture while getting a good workout.

4. Go out and meet locals to practice your Spanish!

Going out at night is a great way to strike up conversation and meet people from Madrid.  Most of the time, people will be more than happy to talk to you, and maybe even correct your grammar.


Just for the record, remember that luckily, the days in Madrid are long and the nights even longer, so you should have plenty of time to make sure you do all that you want to do!!



Enjoy your time in this beautiful country!



By Elizabeth Mannheimer