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Five Must-Sees in Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain and one of the most international, lively, and fascinating cities in the world. There are many places you must see and visit when you are spending some time in the marvelous city. To make it a bit easier for you to know which places to visit, we have listed five cultural and artistic locations below! Vamonos! 

1. Museo del Prado

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The Prado museum, that has existed since 1819, is one of the largest and most well known museums in the world. El Prado has one of the most extensive collections in the world which consists of artworks from the 14th until the 19th century with 5000 drawings, 700 statues, 2000 objects of applied art, and much more. The museum is filled with masterpieces with an extra focus on portraits. The overwhelming beauty and interesting aspects of this museum will amaze you and so, it’s crucial to visit the museum when you are in Madrid! 

2. Puerta del Sol 

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This central square in the district Sol, is one of the most well known locations of the city. It is a beautiful square with fountains, statues, and the clock of la casa de Correos, which almost all Spanish people know as the clock used during the countdown on New Year’s eve. You’ll find the square an incredible and lively location with a lot of street artists performing there and great shops and restaurants surrounding it. You should definitely pay a visit to Puerta del Sol and enjoy its beauty. 

3. Gran Vía

El Gran Vía is an amazing street with wonderful buildings and many lovely shops and restaurants. Gran Vía was established between 1910 and 1931 and it marked the beginning of the modernization of the city. Today, if you love shopping and having nice dinners at great locations, then this is the place to go! It is the city’s cultural and entertainment nerve center. 

4. La Reina Sofia Museum

The beautiful Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid focuses on modern and contemporary art and is named after the Spanish queen Sofía. It is located near Museo del Prado and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza (which you should pay a visit to as well) and together these three museums are called el Triángulo del Arte (The art triangle) or Tríangulo de Oro (The golden triangle). These three museums can be found at El paseo del arte as well. This street is over one kilometer and full of beautiful buildings worth visiting.The Reina Sofía museum’s collection mainly consists of Spanish art. The most well known collection that can be found in the museum is Guernica from Pablo Picasso. Another great reason to visit La Reina Sofía is to see the artworks of Salvador Dalí. This museum should definitely be visited when you are in Madrid!

5. The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

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This last location is for those who love football, but if you are not a fan, this is still a great experience. The Santiago Bernabéu stadium is the ‘home’ of Europe’s most successful football team with a record-breaking 11 European Cups to their name; Real Madrid. When you decide to visit the stadium, participate with the tour which will show you panoramic views of the stadium, you’ll visit the dugouts, trophy collection, dressing room, and more. This impressive stadium cannot be missed when you visit Madrid. 

Hopefully, these five locations will make your stay in Madrid an unforgettable one. For more information regarding Madrid and trips, please visit our website

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