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Fun Online Games

A great way to spend your time in quarantine is to play games. Unfortunately, it is currently not that simple to play a fun and competitive board game with your friends in the same room. Luckily, there are some amazing (‘board’) games you can play online together with other people. We listed some of the best ones below for you. So let’s take a look, play some games and above all, have fun! 


Are you familiar with the board game Catan , formerly known as The Settlers of Catan? This is a multiplayer board game during which each player takes on a role of settler and attempts to build and develop holdings. While playing the game each settler trades and acquires resources in order to develop these holdings. The winner is the settler who is the first to reach a certain number of points (typically 10). You can now play this game digitally as well! It is a very entertaining game and a great way to spend you Friday evening with friends/family. You can compete for areas in the game and try to be the first to settle the island all from the comfort of your own room without having to break the social distancing rules. 


Monopoly is probably one of the most well-known games in the world. The purpose of this multiplayer game is to buy as many streets as possible and to have the most money at the end of the game. It almost always ends with frustrations, distrust in the person who controls the bank, and of course, a flipped table. Now, you can also play this game on your mobile phone as well! This avoids flipped tables, cheating (hopefully), and most importantly, physically coming to close to each other. To download the game check this link


Another very entertaining and frustrating board game is Ludo. This is a strategy board game in which two to four players have to race their four tokens from start to finish. It is more complicated than that, because you need to finish with all four tokens in a line and the other players are able to remove your tokens from the board and force you to start over again. There are several other rules that make this game more difficult and so, more entertaining. This game is also available online in the app store! It is very much fun and if you can handle losing and being frustrated by games, then you should definitely play this with your friends/family. If you want to download this game, take a look at this link


 Another fun game to play with someone else is Scrabble. This game is more calming and requires lots of thinking and patience. It allows you to test your vocabulary knowledge and will improve it as well. By laying down letters, forming words and connecting your words with others, you can gain points and of course, at the end of the game the person with the most points wins. This game has been available online for quite a while now and there is not one specific app you can use. By simply searching ‘Scrabble online’ via Google, you’ll find many varieties of this game. 


Photo: @eljay via Flickr

If you are into the mystery solving type of games, you’ll love Cluedo. During this game you will have to solve a murder by figuring out who, what and where this murder happened. It is a very entertaining game that requires lots of thinking, observation, and intuition. The winner of the game is the first one who figures out what happened by stating what you think has happened and checking if this corresponds with the cards that are in the center of the game. Even Cluedo can be played online together with your friends/family. You can search for the online version of this game via Google as well and find many different options. So, if you enjoy thinking as a detective, then you should definitely go play this game! 

This was our list of really fun and entertaining games you can play online as well. Now, you will be able to enjoy these traditional games with your friends without breaking any rules. So, have fun and stay safe! 

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