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How to skill build in Quarantine

After several weeks of being Quarantined, life will most likely become somewhat boring. In order to avoid that you can always work on a skill and improve one or maybe learn some new skills. Luckily, because of social media and the many platforms we can use, there are many ways for you to learn something through your laptop from the comfort of your own couch. Below, we listed several free/cheap online lessons you could check out!


Coursera provides many different online courses such as language learning courses, arts and humanities, health, computer science, and more. All their courses are taught by instructors from world-class companies and universities. It allows you to learn something new wherever you are. There are hundreds of free course that allow access to online video lectures, community discussion forums and homework exercises. There are paid courses as well which provide quizzes, projects and a shareable course certificate once you complete the course. Coursera offers specializations, professional certificates, and online degrees as well. So, you should definitely go check out coursera if you want to complete some professional courses! Click on this link to go to their website.


Skillshare is an online learning community as well for everyone who would like to learn through educational videos. These courses vary from creative arts and design to lifestyle, technology, business, and more. You need to subscribe to Skillshare in order to participate in the courses, luckily you can now apply for a two month premium subscription for free. Most courses focus more on interactions instead of lectures and you will mainly learn by completing a project. Click here to go to the Skillshare website!


This online community is for those who are very creative. You can learn from experts in courses such as professional photography for Instagram, the art of sketching, Realistic Portrait with Graphite Pencil and more. You will have to pay in order to follow these courses, but luckily they are not very expensive. You can follow most courses for around €10 — €15. Domestika also works with several well known universities such as the Kingston University and Education First. You can go to the website of Domestika through this link. 

Open Culture 

Open Culture offers free online courses from the world’s best universities such as Stanford, Harvard, oxford, and more. They offer around 1500 courses about history, philosophy, computer science, biology, and so much more. These courses can help you prepare for your future or if you would simply like to learn more about such subjects. They offer audio books, movies, and language classes as well! If you want to learn from Open Culture, click on this link


Lastly, you can learn a lot from tutorial videos on YouTube. There are many educational channels you can find on there and it’s all free to watch. For example you can check out Patricio Silva’s channel (the videos are in Spanish). He has shared creative videos in which he explains more about graphic design and animation! You can also check out TakeLessons. This channel offers educational videos about languages, music, academics and more. You can join online streaming classes or pay a little bit for private instructors. There are of course many other educational videos and if you want to check those out, click on this link

This was our list of online learning possibilities. Hopefully, this was helpful for you! Stay safe and enjoy your learning experiences. 

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