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La Vida Dulce

Everyone knows that churros con chocolate are a must when you’re in Madrid, but if you have a big sweet tooth and like to explore, check out these famous and traditional bakeries Madrileños! We visited almost 20 bakeries in central areas of Madrid, and selected our 5 favorites to share with you!


La Mallorquina

Calle Mayor, 2, 28013 Madrid

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This bakery on the corner of Calle Mayor in Puerta del Sol has been open since 1894. If you’re looking for a snack or treat in Sol, this is the place to go. They have lots of different sweets, but their specialty is the Napoletana: a light, croissant like pastry filled with chocolate. You can take your treat to go, but they also have an upstairs area where you can sit and have a coffee to start your day or relax after a day of exploring Madrid. La Mallorquina is almost always crowded with people, and ordering your pastry is like pushing your way up to the bar on a Friday night. Don’t worry about the chaotic atmosphere, the staff are used to it, and will get you your snack in no time. La Mallorquina is popular among everyone in Madrid, so expect to meet both Spaniards and internationals.

El Riojano

Calle Mayor, 10, 28013 Madrid

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While El Riojano is less famous than La Mallorquina, its sweets are just as tasty! It is located just down the street from Puerta del Sol on Calle Mayor. El Riojano’s claim to fame is the fact that it used to be the official bakery of the royal family. Their most famous cookie is called “Pasta de Consejo” which means advice cookie. These lemon flavored cookies get their name because King Alfonso XII would eat them during his political meetings. So, if you ever need to make an important decision, come to El Riojano and pick up a few of their famous treats to help you make the right choice. Apart from Pastas de Consejo, El Riojano offers croissants, other cookies, eclairs, and so much more. The decor is very traditional, but there is something unique about their furniture. You probably wouldn’t notice anything special about it, but we can share the secret. Right when the bakery was founded, thieves would break in and steal the furniture. This happened several times, so the owners made a smart decision: they hired a carpenter to make the furniture inside the bakery. That way, the furniture was made too big to fit through the doors so it could not be stolen. So once you visit El Riojano, don’t forget to look around!

Casa Mira

Carrera de S. Jerónimo, 30, 28014 Madrid

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If you want to try something traditionally Spanish, and it’s not Christmas time, then check out Casa Mira. They have lots of sweets, but their specialty is Turron. This crunchy, nutty dulce is usually only available during the holidays, but Casa Mira has it all year. They have traditional Turron Alicante and Jijona, but also offer other varieties. If you want to visit Casa Mira but you don’t want to try something nutty, try one of their candied fruits. They have something for everyone: pears, cherries, mandarins, plums, pineapples, and even sweet potatoes. They also offer chocolates, marzipan, cookies, and other pastries. Casa Mira opened in 1842, is still owned by the Mira family. This is one of the few places to go where you can try practically any Spanish sweet.

Pomme Sucre

Calle de Barquillo 49, 28004 Madrid

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If you are walking from Plaza de Colon to Malasaña and you need a break from exploring Madrid, check out Pomme Sucre tea room. The place is not very big but is cosy and the owner and staff are friendly and open to talk to customers. There you can find various French desserts like eclairs, mousses, cakes, other pastries and also tea at affordable prices. Try one of their treats and enjoy a hot cup of tea in the elegant French atmosphere.

Levadura Madre

Calle del Alcalde Sáinz de Baranda, 16, 28009 Madrid

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Levadura Madre is a small pasteleria, which has two locations in Madrid. We went to the one close to the metro Ibiza. You won’t miss it, as there is always a line out the door. They do not have a huge variety but as soon as you enter, you will feel like a madrileño. The most popular items they sell are really big cookies, croissants and different kinds of bread. Every client of Levadura Madre is special and receives warm, friendly and welcoming treatment. It is definitely the best place to grab some pastries on the way to Retiro park. So sunny weather and a muffin from Levadura Madre is a recipe for a great day.


Churros are the most popular, but Madrid has so much more to offer. These five bakeries are our favorites, but on every corner you can find something sweet. As you can see, la vida en Madrid es dulce. Feel free to comment below with more suggestions and what you think about our favorites!


Next week we are going to tell you about best bars for live music in Madrid! Stay tuned! Hasta luego!


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