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Top Terraces: Madrid

We have finally been in phase one for a little while now! This means that we can go to terraces again and enjoy a nice glass of sangria or a tasty mojito with some nachos on a sunny day (or something else of course). Now, where to find terraces and bars that provide the best drinks, add best to your Madrid experience, and most importantly, are currently open? We have made a list for you below which answers that question. ¡Salud!

Casa Corona

While slowly emerging from your home after a full-time quarantine due to the coronavirus, you should emerge towards the amazing Casa Corona. Luckily, you will not get infected with a virus by these bottles of corona (if you follow all the rules of course). This lovely place consists of seating on the floor, at tables, in the sun and in the shade. There is even an area where a little bit of water is sprayed every once in a while, which is very refreshing on a hot day. This place, of course, mainly offers bottles of Corona beer, however you can order other drinks as well and you can also get some great types of food, such as nachos and hamburgers. You can order a bucket of five corona beers for only €10. Currently, you will have to make a reservation for the seating area in the back. For the other seating areas you will be able to simply walk in and pick a spot! When it’s a nice summer’s day, grab your sunscreen and go check out Casa Corona

Círculo de Bellas Artes

Círculo de Bellas Artes is a private, non-profit, cultural organization and has an amazing rooftop terrace. This beautiful and fancy rooftop terrace offers a panoramic view of the city and on the most famous building in Madrid. This is the Edificio Metrópolis building which has 30.000 golden leafs surrounding the dome. The Azotea del círculo de Bellas Artes (the rooftop) has many great seating areas as well and at some spots you can even lay down. The terrace does not only offer tasty drinks and foods, it also provides a great cultural experience. To enter the terrace you will have to pay €5 (which is definitely worth it), cocktails are around €10 and beers vary from €5–7. You should definitely go visit this bar with some friends on a sunny day or a beautiful summer night. 

Picalagartos Sky-Bar

This sky bar offers an amazing view of the most lively street of Madrid, which is Gran Vía and is shown in the picture above! Right now, the street is less lively than it used to be, but there is a lot more to see now than a few weeks ago. This bar is on top of the Hotel NH collection Gran Vía and offers a panoramic view of the city as well. The name of this bar refers to the tavern with the same name of the work Luces de Bohemia in Valle-Inclán. Picalagartos Sky Bar serves different types of foods, beers that cost around €5 and cocktails that cost around €10–€14. This beautiful sky bar offers a great time, environment, and overall experience. You should definitely go check it out.

The Hat

Photo: @77334553@N05 via Flickr

This hostel is located between several other buildings, which creates a cute and cozy environment at the hostel’s rooftop bar. The view from the rooftop bar consists of the beautiful sky, other rooftops and the top of a beautiful cathedral. The terrace is a bit smaller than other, but definitely worth a visit. The Hat offers some great foods, such as tacos that you eat with lettuce instead of taco shells, and they offer many tasty drinks as well, such as great mojitos. This is a great place to go to on a sunny day, but an evening with a beautiful sunset and a clear night sky is definitely the more recommended time to go. So, collect some friends and go visit this great little rooftop bar. 

El Viajero

Photo: @ElViajeroMadrid via Facebook

This adorable place in the great area of La Latina offers a bar at the ground floor and one on the rooftop. The rooftop bar is a bit smaller as well, but should absolutely be part of this list. A very cozy and beautiful atmosphere is created with the use of plants and lights. Which is why, this place can be best visited at the end of the day with a beautiful sunset in the background or when it is dark outside and the rooftop’s lights create a romantic atmosphere. But, as any of the other terraces mentioned above, it is also a great place to go to on a sunny day when the light hits the rooftop just right and creates a colorful, summer environment. The view from the rooftop is amazing as well. On one side you can see the beautiful Basílica de San Francisco El Grande and on the other side the famous Mercado de la Cebada with the amazing mural on the side of it. When you arrive you will find that this place is also not that expensive, so you should definitely go visit.

This was our list of some great terraces in Madrid. We hope it will help you experience Madrid’s lively environment again and we look forward to the other phases of de-escalation so that we can experience this amazing city to the fullest.

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