Malasaña & Hipsters

malasaña and hipsters

Malasaña is a neighborhood in the center of the city that shows how different arts, styles and cultures can combine to reveal a beautiful and unique atmosphere in Madrid.

Malasaña has been a nexus of La Movida Madrileña, a counter-culture that arose from the transition after Franco’s dictatorship ended in 1975. If you want to get an idea of what this movement was about, I recommend you to visit the bar-museum “Madrid Me Mata” (C/ Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 31).


The most important place of Malasaña, the Plaza del Dos de Mayo commemorates two officers, Daoíz and Velarde, who fought against Napoleonic troops on May 2, 1808. On that day, Manuela Malasaña was a victim of this uprising against French forces and the neighborhood has been named after her. The Plaza del Dos de Mayo is surrounded by bars and restaurants for different tastes.


If you are a big fan of street art, get lots in the narrow streets of Malasaña and you will discover numerous works of arts. In the Calle de Valverde, you will see one of Dourone’s most impressive murals.

You cannot stroll along in Malasaña without noticing its second hand shops and thrift shops. Malasaña is certainly one of the most “hipster” neighborhood of Madrid. Hipsters are generally young people whose way of life and way of dressing are extravagant, against social conventions and alternative.  If you are looking for shops from another era, I recommend you to go for a walk around Calle del Pez, Calle de San Joaquín  and Calle Fuencarral, where you can even find a vintage barber shop called Malayerba  ( Plaza Dos de Mayo 3).


What are you waiting for? Go and visit the trendy Malasaña!

By Cassie Mengato

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