Pickpocketing Safety Tips!

It can be intimidating when you arrive to a new city and have no idea about how to be safe. One thing for sure, you should always be cautious of your surroundings and the way that you interpret your safety. Here are some pickpocketing tips for you to get around Madrid safely:

  1. Don’t go out alone at night to places you don’t know. You have a higher chance of being a target.
  2. Don’t go out with more than 50 euros in cash. Only take enough for your planned spendings and a little extra for emergencies.
  3. Leave your passport, foreign identification cards, credit cards, jewelry and anything valuable at home.
  4. Have copies or scans of the most important documents, in case you lose anything.

If your belongings have been stolen, the first thing to do is cancel all your cards. Go to a department of the National Police right after to fill in a report which you will later be able to present to your insurance. Be careful and stay safe!