Top 10 Tapas to Try in Spain!

Nothing but Tapas

In case you’ve spent your life living under a rick and have yet to discover the wonders of tapas, let me teach you a thing or two. If you’ve already been enlightened by this culinary gift, then just come along to discover the must try tapas for your Spanish adventure.

Tapas are traditionally small and savory Spanish dish, which is typically served at a bar with drinks. Because of this loose definition, there are thousands of different variations of tapas served all over Spain, usually reflective of the culture of the region. They can be served cold or hot and can even be combined to make a full meal. Although they are now extremely popular all over Spain, and have even traveled to many other countries, this tradition is said to have started in the Andalusia region of Spain.

Best of the Best

Jamón Serrano o Jamón Ibérico

These famous Spanish hams can be served either by themselves or in endless variations depending on the restaurant and the region.


These crispy bites come with a soft filling can range from the classic ham to vegetables, bacalao to even more inventive creations!

Tortilla Española (Tortilla de Patatas)

Tortilla Española/de patatas is a simple potato omelet served all over Spain, to order you only have to ask for “un pincho de tortilla.”

Albóndigas en Salsa

The closest thing to “comfort food” these delicious meatballs are served in a tasty red sauce that makes for a perfect treat.

Patatas Bravas

These crispy potatoes are served under a layer of a spicy (mayo based) sauce. Make sure you go to a place that serves fresh potatoes, it makes a difference!

Gambas al Ajillo

This simple dish is just shrimp tossed in garlic and olive oil, but the flavor it creates is like no other.


Spanish serve chorizo or pork sausage braised in different savory sauces, depending on the región.


Like any good Mediterranean country, Spain is known for its tasty and varied olives, they are often filled with red peppers or anchovies and served tossed in oil.

Pan con Tomate

Although just a simple toasted bread with a tomato paste, this is one of the most traditional small snacks of the Spaniards.

Pimiento de Padrón

These are roasted Piquillo peppers sprinkled with olive oil and thick salt.

And a Litte More…

While tapas are just the tip of the Spanish culinary experience, they are an essential part of it than should not be underestimated! And if reading through this has made you hungry too make sure you join Be Madrid in our Tapas Tours, or visit the Andalucía region to see some of the original incarnations of Spain’s most famous treats!