Unusual Cafes in Madrid

Unusual Cafes in Madrid

Cafés are a place for studying, hanging out with your friends, or maybe just relaxing… In Madrid, there are many cool places which you will want to visit again! Here are some of the cafés where you can relax and that make you want to say: “I want to stay here forever!”

Little Big Café

“Little Big Café”or  “little café with a big heart”, that’s what you feel when you go to this coffee shop. The baristas have an at-home vibe that makes you feel happy from inside out! They have many different cakes on the glass display that you can choose from. In addition to this, they have a mini-lunch set which is perfect if you want something light. Also what’s fun about this café is that you can choose 3 different fruits and they will make a smoothie, just for you!

Little Big Cafe


Calle Fernández de los Ríos 61, Madrid.

Station: Moncloa

Price range: 3 – 10 euros

Mama Framboise

If you are a sweet-lover, you will love Mama Framboise. The retro pastel interior will make you feel like you are invited to a real-life tea party. Their menus have hand drawn cakes that have all the details on the ingredients. They not only have a lot of different coffees, but also teas! They have one page full of a selection of teas, so if you are looking for a place to enjoy your cute café pastime, this is the place to be!

Mama Framboise


Calle Fernando VI, 23, Madrid

Station: Alonso Martinez

Price range: 5 – 8 euro


TEKOE is a store that specializes in teas. If you prefer teas over coffees, you will love this café. There are exotic tea names that you will never have heard of! Once you’ve got your tea, you can relax on the couch, and enjoy a chat with your friends. You can feel cozy at this café, so it is perfect if you want to relax or work on your homework.



Calle de las Huertas, 22, Madrid

Station: Sol

Price range: 4 – 5 euros


Delic can be easily found from the teal blue retro exterior of the café. There’s a great atmosphere, and all you have to do is to walk inside to enjoy it. All the colorful posters give the café a fun, local vibe. During my 3 hours stay, there were a lot of local people coming in and out of the café to enjoy their afternoon. They offer many international dishes as well as a menu del día if you are hungry for lunch!



Costanilla de San Andrés, 14, Madrid

Station: La Latina

Price Range: 5- 12 euros

The Toast Tavern

When you go to this café, you need to get some toasts. What’s funny is that their menus are people’s names such as Julia, Jeanette, Charlie, and Maya! Whoever you choose, they are all yummy! They prepare the toast just for you, so it’s freshly made: crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. This place is perfect if you want to enjoy your lunch with your friends.

The Toast Tavern


Calle de Guzmán el Bueno, 34

Station: Moncloa

Price Range: 5 – 10 euros

Wanda Café Optimista

When you spend some time in this café, you will definitely feel like an optimist! The interior of the café is filled with vibrant colors, but you can still feel comfy since they have soft seats with a lot of fluffy cushions. One of their recommendations is their Wanda Juice. The names of these healthy smoothies are Sunny, Happy, Green, and Baby! And after drinking them, it will definitely make you feel energized and happy! Many of the staff in this café speak English too.

Wanda Cafe


Calle María de Molina, 1, Madrid

Station: Gregorio Marañon

Price range: 3 – 6 euros

La cocina de mi vecina

If you are walking through Malasaña and want to chill in a nice place to drink coffee and eat some pastries, La cocina de mi vecina is the café to visit. The atmosphere there is very welcoming and staff are super friendly. They can always advise you on what to order. But the Oreo and Nutella cheesecakes are a must. Also, the carrot cake and red velvet are delicious and at very affordable prices. Apart from various cakes, there are also cupcakes, cookies, brownies and much more. Don’t forget to check it out!

La Cocina de la Vecina


Corredera Alta de San Pablo 15, T 915252617

Station: Tribunal

Price range: 2-5 euros

Café de la Luz

This café is a perfect place for you if you just want something to drink or want to eat a sandwich or a bit of cake for brunch. It’s a cozy place with comfy chairs and cool interior decorations! You can come here alone and enjoy your brunch since there are some interesting books you can read!

Cafe de la Luz


Calle Puebla, 8, 28004 Madrid

Station: Gran Vía

Price Range: 3 – 8 euros

We hope you found a cool café to visit for brunch or a snack! If you find any other cool places, feel free to comment below!

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