En este momento estás viendo Valencia is a true gem and here’s why

Valencia is a true gem and here’s why

Internationals students favourite city

Valencia has a lot to offer and is perfect if you can’t choose between city trip and a beach vacation. There are plenty of things you must see and the city is full of culture, as it is the third largest city in Spain. It is the city of paella and oranges and is located about 350 kilometres from Madrid. This seems far, but it will only take you a little over 2 hoursto get there by train. This is many international students favourite city and you definitely need to check it out!

The trip

Valencia is closer than you think. By train you will be there in no time. This in incredibly convenient as you can either take a daytrip or stay there for a night. We advise you to at least stay there for one night as it gives you more time and makes sure you don’t miss anything! There is so much to see and you can even go to the beach. Valencia is very versatile as you can visit the beach and go to the city centre. This is great if you go with a group of friends that have different interests because you don’t have to choose. You can do both!

Must see

If you make the decision to go to Valencia, here are our top 3 thing you have to see! To start off with the one we see on all the pictures; Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias. Or translated the city of arts and sciences. It is the most modern tourist destination and is part of the 12 treasures of Spain. Next up we have the Cathedral, Miguelete and Holy Grail. In the cathedral you can see the holy grail and a museum. This museum hold the precious work of Maella, Goya and more. The beauty is exceptional and definitely is worth the visit. Lastly you have to eat! The Mercado Central which is located in the historical centre of Valencia. This is the biggest market for fresh products in the whole of Europe. Besides the remarkable food the building itself is also magnificent. It has a surface of over 8.000 square meters. In conclusion there is a lot to see and it is definitely a must to go to Valencia if you want to fully enjoy different sides of the Spanish culture. Even if it is just for one day!

Donna Stamkart
Marketing Intern

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