En este momento estás viendo What do you have to know about Spanish slang in Madrid

What do you have to know about Spanish slang in Madrid

Have you ever heard about Spanish slang? When coming to Madrid you will soon realize that nationals love to speak Spanish slang. Spanish slang is a crazy language and can sometimes be difficult to understand as a non-Spanish speaker. However, learning Spanish slang will improve your Spanish tremendously and you will feel more connected to the nationals as well. Just try to speak some Spanish slang and after a while you are probably going to speak it without realizing! 

Spanish Slang in Madrid 

Spanish slang is getting more populair especially in the centre of Spain. It is almost becoming a must to speak Spanish slang especially under younger Spanish speakers. Spanish slang has become an immense part of the Spanish language. Besides that, young Spanish people will only love it when you are speaking Spanish slang to them.  Therefore, we have come up with some words that are often used in Madrid, so you can impress your Spanish friends with your language skills:

  1. Tronco, pibe or pavo = Dude
  2. Me mola = I like it
  3. Chupa = Jacket
  4. Birra = Beer
  5. Keli = House
  6. Madrit or Madriz = Madrid
  7. Colega = Buddy or Friend
  8. Los Viejos = Parents (Old Folks)
  9. Majo = Attractive
  10. Bocachancla = Gossip

Improve your Spanish skills 

Spanish slang is everywhere if you listen carefully in the city centre of Madrid. At a moment you will recognize some words as you are probably going to hear them more often. Spanish slang is always changing, so you need to keep up with the latest trends. Overall, you will improve your Spanish skills immediately when practicing Spanish slang. If you need any more practicing with your Spanish slang. then you can  find some tips  here . Or if you need any tips for learning a new language you can find them here. 

By: Chelsea Harnas, The Hague University of Applied Sciences  ’21

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