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What do you need to do while in Spain

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The full guide when it comes to Spain

When you study in Spain there is so much to see and to do. No matter in which city you are in, fully enjoying the culture is one of the most fun things to do. The rich Spanish culture has so much to offer that it can become a little overwhelming. Also because the culture can vary in different parts of Spain. In this blog we will list a couple of thing that you need to do while living in Spain so you can get the full experience!

Your own city

Let’s start with things you can do in your own city, where you are staying. The first thing that comes to mind with a lot of people is tapas! A tapa is a Spanish appetizer or snack. It can also be dinner, depending on how much you order. Almost everyone likes tapas, since there are so many different types.

This is a great activity to do with a group of people because can order more which means you can try more. Another thing if you don’t know where to eat at there are tapas tours. A guide will take you around the city and stop at some of the best taverns. You will be able to choose one tapa ate each tavern. A great way to discover both the city and tapas!

But not only the food is great, a lot of cities that are more on the bigger side in Spain have a plaza mayor. This is a square in the centre of the city where a lot of people gather and just sit and talk, dance or drink together.

It is definitely worth checking out because there is always something happening there. Another fun activity to get to know your city is a rooftop bar! There are a lot of rooftop bars located all over Spain. Just grab a drink while enjoying the absolute best view of your city. Especially if you can find a place around sunset you can take some pictures. An absolute must if you are new to a city.

Travel around

But whenever you study in Spain you don’t have to stay in one place for the whole semester! Traveling is incredible if you want to make the most out of your stay. Mainly because Spain has so many different sides to their culture. Depending on where you are the traditions and food can vary a lot. Madrid is the best place to study if you also love traveling around.

It is a great base, not only because of great features of Madrid itself such as Museo del Prado, El Retiro and the Royal palace of Madrid. But also because it is right in the centre of Spain. That makes it so much easier to visit the most popular cities in Spain such as Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla and San Sebastian. You can choose a couple of places you want to visit depending on what you like. If you decide to travel here are our top pics;

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