En este momento estás viendo 3 best ice cream shops in Madrid!

3 best ice cream shops in Madrid!

With the weather getting warmer in Madrid, you might be looking for a treat to cool off with. With that being said, I have just the treat for you: ice cream! While there is no specific tradition of ice cream in Madrid, you can find this special treat all over the city. Ice cream in Madrid is extremely popular and because of this, many different shops have become popular, selling their own version of this treat. In this article, I have a few different recommendations of the best ice cream shops in Madrid and where you can find them!


N2 Lab Ice Cream

This busy ice cream store, located in the heart of Chueca, makes ice cream in a non-traditional way. Upon arrival, you may be a bit confused. Although the ice cream store looks like a science lab, you are in the right place! Believe it or not,  the ice cream shop uses liquid nitrogen that is -196 degrees Celcius to mix your ice cream right before your eyes! You can pick from seven different flavors and get your ice cream served in a hand-made waffle cone or in a cup. If you are lactose-free or vegan, they even have two flavors that meet will meet all of your dietary restrictions! There are also lots of toppings for your ice cream if you would like to add a bit more flavor! If you are not in the mood for ice cream, you can also pick from their many shakes, waffles, dragon balls, lollipops, or even coffee.

How much does ice cream here cost?

An ice cream with toppings and a waffle cone from N2 Lab costs €8.90!

Where is this ice cream shop located?

N2 Lab Ice Cream is located in Chueca, at C. de Gravina, 5, 28004 Madrid! Make sure to head over and check it out!

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Gelateria La Romana

This ice cream shop, which can be found all over the world, has been around since 1947. It features typical Italian ice cream, with over 40 different, traditional flavors to pick from. Whenever you visit, you can guarantee that you will be eating fresh ice cream, as they make a new batch every three hours! To make things better, they even have flavors that will satisfy different dietary restrictions. Be sure to check it out!

How much does ice cream here cost?

The ice cream here costs anywhere from €3 – €9.

Where is this ice cream shop located?

Gelateria La Romana has six different locations around Madrid. They can be found at Paseo de la Habana 27, Calle San Bernardo 96, Calle Rosario Pino 6, Diego de Leon Street 11, Valdemarin Avenue 167, and Arturo Soria Street 126. 

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This ice cream parlor, located in the center of Madrid, features a typical Sicilian dessert. Here, you will find many different typical gelato flavors, served either in a cup or in a brioche bun. The brioche bun stuffed with ice cream is a treat straight from Sicily. It combines different flavors to create a unique dessert, which you cannot miss. Zúccaru features local, fresh ingredients, which makes their ice cream that much better. Additionally, if you are sugar-free, gluten-free, or lactose-intolerant, there are flavors for you too! If you are not in the mood for ice cream, they also have many different desserts and pastries that are sure to satisfy all of your cravings!

How much does an ice cream here cost?

The treats here cost anywhere from €3-€12.

Where is this ice cream located?

You can find this shop at either Vergara Street 16 28013, Madrid, or at Calle de Palafox 20 28010, Madrid.

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By: Kathryn Cummings, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ’25

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