En este momento estás viendo 3 places you can’t miss if you’re travelling to Toledo

3 places you can’t miss if you’re travelling to Toledo

Toledo is one of the most extraordinary cities in Spain and it is only 70 kilometers away from Madrid!

Known as the “city of three cultures” due to the historical peaceful cohabitation of Jews, Muslims, and Christians, today Toledo is one of the main destinations for one-day trips from Madrid (but if you stay there for more than one day you will definitely enjoy all its magical corners!). Toledo has a lot to offer, but if your time is running short, make sure to visit at least these three wonderful places we recommend:

Catedral de Toledo

Catedral de Toledo

Toledo Cathedral is usually included in the top 10 of the most beautiful religious buildings in Spain. And we agree on that! Its architectural structure includes all the typical elements of medieval gothic art, but many other artistic styles can be observed there, going from mudéjar (the artistic style developed by the Muslims that stayed in the Hispanic peninsula after the Catholic Reconquista of 1492) to Renaissance.

But the sacristy of the Cathedral is the most interesting part of it all: not only can you find paintings by some of the most important Spanish painters (Goya, El Greco y Velázquez among them), but you can also admire works by masters like Tiziano, Raffaello, and Caravaggio.

For more information, check the official website of the Toledo Cathedral.

Alcázar de Toledo

The majestic Alcázar of Toledo rises on the top of Toledo and it’s the seat of the Military Museum. Here, in fact, you will find a permanent exhibition of uniforms and military medals and, above all, a thorough overview of Spanish history, the beginning of which can be dated back to the Roman Empire (and before!).

Find more information here!

Sinagoga del Tránsito y Museo Sefardí

Built in 1355, today this gorgeous synagogue houses the Sefardí Museum, which outlines an overview of the Jewish culture in Spain. There you can find a permanent exhibition of archaeological finds, period costumes, and a commemorative garden. The main hall of this synagogue is decorated in mudéjar style and its ceiling is made of inlaid wood!
For more information, check their official website!
For any other inspiration on what to do or to guide you in learning more about Toledo, you could check out the official website for tourism in Toledo and check out our GuruIt App with updated information on our next trips to Toledo!

By: Alessia Cuofano, University of Naples L’Orientale ’22

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