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3 tips if you want your daily routine to be more organized

It’s no secret that our world forces us to be overproductive every day: this means that many times we feel like we have no control over the myriads of things we have to do during the day. But it doesn’t have to be like that! The secret is to make our daily routine as efficient as possible… but how to do that? Here are some tips for you!

Make to-do lists

The best tip to keep in mind is to WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN: the best way to do that is to make to-do lists. By scheduling your day through lists like that, your mind will have the ease to control what needs to be done and you won’t feel overwhelmed by your workload. Some people prefer it to be handwritten, but apps could simplify the procedure. Microsoft To Do, Todoist, Google Tasks are just an example of useful apps (some of them can also be downloaded as desktop apps) you can use to digitalize your to-do lists and keep track of what is done and what still needs to be done.

Take notes of your deadlines

We have said that writing things down is the best tip to keep in mind: but you shouldn’t just write the things you have to do, you should also take notes about the deadlines you will have to respect. A very good idea to keep them in mind is to use Google Calendar, a very intuitive app developed by Google which allows you to put your deadlines on a virtual and user-friendly calendar. You can also change the color of the event on the calendar to make it even more intuitive!

Schedule regular breaks in your routine

Many people think that, in order to be productive, they need to do something every single minute of the day. But that’s not a good idea, because this way of living will only increase our level of stress and we won’t be able to give our best during our performance of every other task. The best thing to do is to include regular breaks in our daily schedule and respect them even when we don’t feel like taking a break at that moment. This will make our minds relax and charge the batteries for the next tasks that need to be performed!

So, how to be more productive? Remember that increasing productivity is a highly personalized process. Maybe a combination of identifying your peak hours and increasing accountability would also work!



By: Alessia Cuofano, University of Naples L’Orientale ’22


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