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Best Gyms Around Madrid

Best Gyms Around Madrid! 

Many people are looking to find a great gym, so we decided to compile a list of the best gyms in Madrid. These gyms offeer outstanding facilities and services to help you achieve your fitness goals. Take a look at the following selection, complete with cost details, convenient locations, and flexible schedules! It’s now up to you to decide which gym seems like the best fit for you!

Basic-Fit Madrid

This gym is one of the most popular gyms in Madrid because there are many locations and it is very cheap! If you are interested in giving this gym a try, you can do a free trial for two weeks! 

After your trial ends, you can decide between three different gym plans that all have different perks. This gym has many group classes for you to pick from, or you can come in and use the equipment yourself! There are so many perks!

  • How much does a membership at Basic-Fit Madrid cost? 

At Basic-Fit, there are different membership levels. The cheapest is €14,99 for four weeks and the most expensive is only €29,99 for four weeks! Great prices!

  • What are Basic-Fit’s hours?

This gym is open from 07:00-22:30.

  • Where is this gym located?

There are over 60 Basic-Fit locations in Madrid! Check out which one is closest to you!

Xfitness Retiro

In the heart of Madrid you can find this gym just opposite to the Retiro Park. This gym is popular because it is open for 24h. 

You have a one day free trial and then you can choose from daily up to annual plans. Apart from Xfitness Retiro there´s 11 more Xfitness gyms around Madrid. 

  • How much does a membership at Xfitness cost?

Xfitness has different payment plans, depending on what equipment you would like to access. If you are interested in this gym, the price range is around 27€ a month.

  • What are Xfitness Retiro hours?

This gym is open 24h a day.

  • Where is this gym located?

Xfitness Retiro can be found at Calle de la Virgen María, 5, 28007 Madrid.

Gimnasio Gymage

This gym is very popular because it has a special feature that many of its competitors do not have! Gimnasio Gymage has a lot of equipment and multiple Crossfit and personal training classes for you to enjoy. 

After you are done with your workout, you can relax on their rooftop terrace with your friends!

  • How much does a membership at Gimnasio Gymage cost?

A two-week membership here will cost you €50,00.

  • What are Gimnasio Gymage’s hours?

This gym is open from 07:00-23:00.

  • Where is this gym located?

Gimnasio Gymage is located at C. de la Luna, 2, 28004 Madrid.

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