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How to look for a job in Madrid

Are you coming to Madrid and still looking for a job? Let me give you some helpful tips for how to look for a job as searching for a job can take much time and effort. First, it is very important that you first figure out what kind of job you want, in which language, and for how long. After that, there are plenty of websites that you can use in your search for a suitable job in Madrid. The following jobs websites can be quite useful for international people coming to Madrid and that are currently looking for a parttime or fulltime job.


This is probably one of the most familiar platforms where you can upload your curriculum vitae and look for jobs in Spain by categorizing what kind of vacancy, the location and function. LinkedIn also gives you suggestions within your network for job vacancies, so that you remain up to date about new job vacancies. For LinkedIn it is possible to make a post within your network that you are looking for a job, which can be helpful to find something in your region and make your connections useful.

Info Jobs  

For the Spanish speakers there is the website Info Jobs or you could also download the app by Android or Apple. It offers you many options for jobs vacancies in different Spanish cities. And there is a tool where you can find job vacancy by typing similar words in the industry you want to work in. This gives you the opportunity to categorize fast if you for instance want to find a job in Madrid. Besides that, all job vacancies are explained carefully by showing all the necessary data, such as the date of the vacancy, function, locations, salary etc.

Expatica Jobs 

This is specifically used to find jobs in Madrid. The website gives you the opportunity to browse per category and location. Some jobs that are available on the website include teaching English, Sales, Architecture and much more. The website will give you more information about the job description and provide you contact information of the companies that offer the job vacancies. Besides that, you can also select how recently the job vacancy is posted on the website.

The Guardian Jobs 

This is a helpful website where you can not only specify per category, but also with hours, salary, educational level, and contract. If you are looking for a specific job that suits your future career job you could check out this website. Besides that, the job vacancies are also offered in other countries, so you could perhaps pursue the job in your home country if possible. In general, the website provides much detailed information, and you can also find the most recent vacancies quite easily.

The Local 

The website helps to find you English-language jobs especially in Madrid. The categories that they offer job vacancies in are education & teaching, Sales, Software Engineering and Customer Service. The website offers over 1500 jobs, which gives you many possibilities to check out in what you are interested. And you could also create a job alert, so that you receive a message when new job vacancies are posted at the website. This way you will find a job that you are interested in.

There are still plenty of other websites where you could find a job in Spain, but you will have some inspiration now on where to start looking for a job in Spain. Hopefully you will find a job that is suitable for you, and you can start as soon as possible! If you want to know anything else about Spain and in particular Madrid, you can also read other blogs on our website here. 

By: Chelsea Harnas, The Hague University of Applied Sciences ’22

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