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Top 3 Karaoke Places in Madrid

Are you addicted to sing at a karaoke bar with friends? Well, I got you! There are many karaoke bars in Madrid where you could go. In the article there will be a top three discussed of best karaoke places in Madrid. I recommend you to go visit a karaoke bar in Madrid. And if you have never visited a karaoke bar, it will be interesting for you to try something different than going to a bar or nightclub. You will have so much fun, and it really does not matter if you can sing or not. Everybody is there just to enjoy there night, so get your songs ready and enjoy the night.

En-Tono Karaoke

This is a karaoke lounge bar located near the metro station of Santiago Bernabéu that is open from 19:00 until 04:30. You will not need to pay any entrance only the drinks you are consuming. This lounge bar is really a fun place to go with your friends and where you can meet many new people as well. There are also possibilities to reserve a small lounge or VIP, but bear in mind that this will create additional costs that can add up very easily.

For more information about the bar, you can check out the website here. This is one of the karaoke bars that have the longest opening hours if you like to party until late in the evening.

Calle Del Pintor Juan Gris 4, 28020 Madrid

Cheers Karaoke

The karaoke bar is quite close to the centre as it is in the neighbourhood Huertas that can be easily reached by metro and bus. The place is decorated really cool in a little bit an older style which is an experience already to visit. Personally, I think this is my favourite karaoke bar especially because of how the place looks and the people I have met there.

The opening hours differ each day which can be found on the website, but mostly the bar is open between 18:00 and 03:00. This bar does require a minimum age of 18 as the bar offers a broad range of items on the cart such as, wines, beers, cocktails, and other mix drinks that are really delicious.

de las Huertas 50, 28014 Madrid

AndeAndaras Karaoke Pub

Lastly, there is a pub karaoke bar located in the neighbourhood Arganzuela that is open from 22:00 until 03:00. You could take the metro with line 3 Delicias. The pub bar accepts to pay your drinks with credit or debit card, and you can also easily connect to the Wi-Fi connection.

And if your favourite drink is a gin and tonic this is really the place for you. The pub bar is especially known for serving gin and tonic. This is an interesting place to go with your friends and a good recommendation for a crazy night of karaoke only. For more information about karaoke night, you can check out the website here or check their Facebook @andeandaraskaraoke.

Batallla del Salado 26, 28045 Madrid

Hope you will try one of these karaoke bars and have the best night of your life. I think you will have a lot of fun. And let me know in the comments how you experienced one of these karaoke bars. There are of course also many other karaoke bars in Madrid that you could try, but these are some examples that will get you some inspiration on which karaoke bar to go.
For any other inspiration on what to do or to guide you in learning more about Madrid, you could check out some other blogs on the website here. 

By: Chelsea Harnas, The Hague University of Applied Sciences ’22

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