En este momento estás viendo A walk through Madrid

A walk through Madrid

Being able to explore Madrid again has made us feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities of where to go and what to see. After not being able to see anything, you probably want to see everything! So, to make it a bit easier for you, we have made a list of things you can see while walking through Madrid. Get your camera ready, grab a water bottle, some food maybe, and ¡vámonos!

Puerta Del Sol 

At the center of the city you can find the amazing Puerta del Sol. Here, el Kilómetro Cero (zero kilometre point) is located, which is the geographical center of Spain. Puerta del Sol itself is a beautiful place full of life and is surrounded by many great restaurants, cafes, and other shops. You can find a statue dedicated to Madrid’s coat of arms here as well. Which is a bear eating from a strawberry tree! You can also see the famous clock of Puerta del Sol where, on new year’s eve, the people from Madrid count down to the new year and eat 12 grapes for good fortune. Overall, this is a great place to start your walk as it can lead to many different must-sees in Madrid, such as Gran Vía. For an overview of the five popular must-sees in Madrid, take a look at this blog post

Plaza Mayor 

Another famous place in the center of Madrid and near Puerta del Sol is Plaza Mayor. This famous courtyard is surrounded by many amazing terraces and is full of life. It is clear to see that this square is very central because of the impressive entrances and gates. There are in total nine pathways that lead to Plaza Mayor. In the middle of the square or courtyard you can see a statue of King Fillips III as well. It is a very well known sight to see, especially when the sun hits the place just right, and offers a great background for your Instagram photos! 

Plaza Cibeles 

Also near Puerta del Sol, but if you’d go the other way, you can find Plaza Cibeles. This impressive plaza is located in front of Palacio de Cibeles or Palacio de Comunicaciones, a.k.a. Madrid’s municipality. It well known as well for the very large fountain with the marble statue in the middle of the square. The statue is of the Roman goddess Cibeles who is sitting on a chariot which is being pulled by two lions. The fountain with the statue is seen as a symbol of Madrid. Many celebrations and victories of the soccer club Real madrid are celebrated around this fountain during which the statue of the goddess is dressed up with the flag of the soccer club. Near Plaza de Cibeles you can see the famous Metropolis building as well, which cannot be missed when you explore Madrid. 

Parque del Retiro

What you cannot skip on your walk through Madrid is the enormous and beautiful parque del Retiro. There are many things to see within this impressive park. From areas of grass where you can have a nice picknick session, to a large pond where you can enjoy a boat ride, and the beautiful and famous palacio de cristal. Within the park you can find La Rosaleda as well, which is a small rose garden. It is highly recommended to take a walk through this beautiful rose garden. Right next to El Retiro you can visit Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid, which is a very pretty botanical garden next to the famous museo del Prado. There is so much to see in Parque del Retiro that you can spend hours here. 

Estación de Atocha 

Right next to El Retiro and the botanic gardens of Madrid you can find the impressive Atocha Station. Not only is this an enormous and very well connected station in the center of Madrid, inside you can find a beautiful garden of tropical trees. Currently, this section is not accessible, so you can not walk under the trees, but you can see it from a short distance which is equally impressive. The station is enormous and beautiful and will definitely improve your Instagram feed. 

Río Manzanares 

The last place on this list is the Madrid river or Río de Manzanares. This pretty river surrounds the city and is surrounded by beautiful parks and green areas. The bridges that cross this river are a sight to see as well, such as Puente de toledo and the Pasarela de Arganzuela or Arguanzela footbridge. The second bridge is a cylinder shaped bridge which improves its surroundings tremendously. A warm sunny day is the perfect day to go take a look at this river and take in the beauty that can be found around it. 

This was our list of places you should visit while exploring Madrid. There are of course many more places and areas to see, so check out our Facebook and Instagram pages where we share some of these places. If you are looking for great terraces where you can have a break during your walk and enjoy a nice drink, take a look at this blog post. Overall, we hope this list helps you and you’ll have fun exploring more of Madrid! 

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