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Apps You Should Have in Madrid

When you move to Madrid there are a lot of things you will need (to do). For example, you will need food, you will need to travel, pay for a lot of things, party, etc. We wanted to make all of this a bit easier for you, so we listed several apps that you should have on your phone when you are in Madrid. These apps will make your stay much easier! 

Student Guru 

The first and most important app that you should download is the Student Guru app! This app can help you with housing, a public transport card, insurance, a sim card, bank account and you can book Be Madrid trips and events through this app. A fun and great part of the Student Guru app is that you can organize your own events (for example pregame with friends) and fill in an entrance price, location, etc. and share the link with whomever you want! This way, your simple pregame party is professionally organised and it is very clear for everyone what to expect and what is expected of you. This app is very useful and necessary to have when you are in Madrid! 

Too Good To Go

Another great and useful app is Too Good To Go. This app allows you to order unsold food from some amazing restaurants and shops. The food that can be ordered are leftovers and would have been thrown away otherwise. So, by downloading and using this app you help reduce food waste and you get to enjoy some really great food for a small price. If you are not really into cooking, but you do enjoy a nice meal, then this is the app for you! 


If you plan on going to clubs and parties, then you should definitely download the Uber app! In Madrid the metro stations close at 01:30 and open again at 06:00. So, when you are partying in a club and you enjoy yourself, you probably won’t leave before 03:00. In that case, ordering an Uber and only having to wait around 5 minutes for it is ideal. Also a nice addition, Uber in Madrid is very cheap, the lowest price you could have to pay is €3,50 and for a 10 minute ride you’ll only have to pay around 4 euros! Download this app through this link and you will get a discount!


This app is very useful for those who will be living with others. Through this app you can add anything you bought for the house (for example toilet paper)or when you went on a trip and you paid for dinner and your friend paid for party tickets, you can add these expenses in the app as well and it will calculate exactly how much money you owe, to whom and who owes you as well. This app does all the thinking which will save you all a lot of time and maybe even fights. No more need for a shared funds container or something similar, no more need for the discussions about only one or two euros, because one euro is not that much, but one euro every time is a lot… so it would be nice to be paid back, but yeah he already paid for the dish soap, so maybe…etc. If you would like to avoid that, you should download the app. 


This app is a public transport app and helps you find the best way to travel from one place to another within the city. The app simplifies urban mobility all around the world, making it more efficient, accessible and sustainable. It will save you a lot of time looking at maps and trying to figure out how to get where you need to go. This app will do all that for you and is very easy to use. This app should definitely be on your phone when you are in Madrid. 


Lastly, this app will be very useful when you are going to explore the city. Maps.me offers offline tourist routes and navigation all over the world, so in Madrid as well.With this app you can download a map of Madrid and then you will be able to use it and look at it whenever you want, without needing your data or WiFi. Since we are all spending our data on Instagram and Snapchat, an app you can use offline is a must have! 

This was our list of apps we think you should have in Madrid! Hopefully, this will help make your stay in Madrid even better. For more information about how to improve your time in the amazing Spanish city, please visit our website!

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