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Five reasons to Study Abroad

Living in the same country for your whole life gives you the comfort of a place you can happily call ‘home’. It’s usually somewhere your heart feels at peace, where you have family, friends, favorite places, food and things to do. So why would you want to give it up in exchange for something completely unknown? We listed some reasons below why you should:

1. Discovering a new culture

Most of us love traveling. We like to go away for a few days or a weekend, and sometimes even go abroad for a month on the summer break. We often travel because we like to discover new places, be surrounded by different people, languages, try new food and enjoy unfamiliar drinks. After our trips we usually have the feeling of having discovered something new, in the world and within ourselves. Now imagine what you would feel being abroad for a couple of months! You get to have this amazing feeling of traveling every day: hearing a new language around you, meeting the locals and even adapting to a new lifestyle. You know the feeling of leaving the country and realizing there is still so many things you’d like to do and see here? Well, not gonna happen again! You have so much time to see E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, you can enjoy it to your own rhythm, not having to rush. 

2. Stepping out of your comfort zone

Taking risks and making decisions on your own is not always pleasant. You can get lost in doubts, be intimidated by the thought of not succeeding, or get anxious. However, all of these feelings are nothing compared to the pride you feel after you took the risk. We learn something from every experience we live through, good or bad, and believe us, studying abroad will be a GOOD one! Stepping out of your comfort zone means being able to adapt to change, which is so crucial these times when everything is changing faster than we can notice. After you do so once, you’re so much more ready to take up on big and small challenges that life slides your way.

3. Traveling around

Studying abroad often means that you get to create your own schedule. A lot of students decide to make it so they would have one or two free days in a week. That allows you to have longer weekends or have a day off during the week. Also, different countries have different national holidays, meaning that sometimes you will be free on days that you wouldn’t be in the country you come from. A lot of students use this time wisely and travel to other cities or neighbouring countries they would not likely go to being in their home country. It’s such an easy and convenient way to explore on a budget, especially with organizations offering cheap student trips and friends who are ready to go on adventures with you!

4. Meeting international people

Although we are now in the age of internalization, so it is very likely that you know a few people from a different background, it is still hard to come in contact with internationals when you’re in your ‘home bubble’. Well, studying abroad gives you the opportunity of not only exploring other cultures but also your mindset. Being around international people makes you learn so many new things you never would have known staying in your home country! Also, having friends for all over the world is a great deal if you decide to travel after, isn’t it? You have someone to show you around from a local perspective and maybe even host you! Not mentioning the lifelong memories and personal knowledge you will treasure for the rest of your life.

5. Discovering a new learning style

When studying abroad, you will be surprised about how different the universities’ approach to students can be. While in your university you might have struggled a lot with group assignments or conservative teachers, your host university can be a completely different experience. It’s always interesting to see how you would perform in a different teaching environment, it might surprise you! Also, you usually have more choice when choosing subjects in your university abroad. As most of the time you have to focus on a minor, you get to explore a new a subject area that interests you the most.

Still any doubts? We hope not! Studying abroad will expand your horizons in much more senses than only traveling. It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity you simply don’t want to miss. Immerse yourself into another culture and international environment, and who knows, maybe you won’t even want to go back!

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