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Finding Their Ways in Madrid

You probably didn’t know this, but at Be Madrid, we are a team of international students. That’s right! Like you, we have all had to come to Madrid and discover it for ourselves. Some of us are here to stay long term and many of us are here to stay short term. Regardless of how long we plan to stay in this lively place, we have one common goal: immerse ourselves in the uniqueness of Madrid’s culture. To hear it straight from our interns in the office, read about how Eliza, Felipe and Diego have found their way throughout Madrid and what they are pursuing here.

Eliza Saftyuk

From the Netherlands to Madrid

Social Media 

After living in a cold country like the Netherlands for the last eight years, coming to Spain was definitely a cultural challenge for me. While I knew that I would feel more comfortable living in a relatively warm country, I did not know what to expect in terms of people’s attitudes and living environment. I learned how to give two kisses instead of shaking hands when I meet someone for the first time, how timing can be very flexible and how snacks can actually turn out to be a dinner. I think the most shocking thing for me was to see how people show affection to each other in public, something you would almost never see in the Netherlands. However, I have to say that after a few months I got used to it and even started liking the idea of not being afraid to show your love in front of others. To be honest, it will probably take me some time to adapt back to the Dutch culture when I return. And who would have thought?

Felipe Arias Alonso

From Colombia to Madrid

PR & Sales 

Madrid is an amazing host for young people like me and I have noticed it since the moment I got here. In my case, coming to Madrid was a tough decision because I needed to decide where to finish my second degree as a Business Administrator after studying in Frankfurt, Germany. My friends told me about their experiences in Madrid and how their lives changed when they moved here, so I took a leap of faith and came here to pursue my academics. Upon my arrival in Madrid, I did not know what to expect in terms of the culture and the way that I would adapt to a society different than my own. After a week, I learned that the heat was something I was going to have to get used to, but the free ways that one could spend their leisure time, the diversity, and the great food make this place so unique and worthwhile. I discovered the nightlife pretty early on and it has introduced me to some of best friends today. But, the one place that has made Madrid feel like home is the support and workspace I have at Be Madrid. As a member of the team, I organize events for exchange students; I get to do this alongside people who have come to intern in Madrid from all parts of the world. My experience, thus far, has been unique and special because this city has that effect on people.

Diego Hauser

From Mexico to Madrid

PR & Sales [Part-time DJ] 

I came here for my undergrad in International Relations and will be starting my 3rd year in Spain this September at IE University. I have made hundreds of friends thanks to my university, lifestyle and amazing internship; these friendships vary from an array of nationalities and personalities! Usually, in my time off, I like to spend some time with friends at local plazas, or stroll by Salamanca because I’m obsessed with the streets. I have also discovered the popularity and beauty of the rooftops in Madrid; for a drink and a sight of the skyline and the sunset, rooftops are my go-to. Since I’m also pursuing my DJ career on the side, I like to go to different clubs of the city to see the scene, understand what music is getting traction, be with other DJ’s in their gigs, and try to find time to produce on the side. But in the daytime, I intern at Be Madrid which consists of going over the list of attendees for our upcoming events and analyzing what our clients want. Let me tell you that I started in Madrid for academic purposes and I did not know the amazing opportunities that would present themselves.

These three incredible individuals have been assets to our Be Madrid team. They epitomize what it means to take a leap of faith and jump into a new world of opportunity. We are beyond lucky to have them in the office because each one brings a different culture, talent and story that inspires us to keep doing what we do for the students we work with from all around the world. If you are studying abroad or living in Madrid, stop by our office! We would love to meet you and maybe an opportunity awaits you at Be Madrid.

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