En este momento estás viendo Madrid’s best friends forever

Madrid’s best friends forever

Going abroad as an Erasmus/exchange student , an Au Pair or an Auxiliary of Conversation can be more than just moving to another country. Being a student abroad is a life-changing experience, especially when it comes to interacting with people from different cultures.

Being the shy person that I am, moving to Madrid was a way to challenge myself to be open to new opportunities and creating a new lifestyle. The day after I arrived, my roomies organized a party in our flat. It was the perfect opportunity to get to know the people I would be living with throughout my stay in Madrid.

After a few days of exploring the city of Madrid, I decided to go to Le Boutique which is a great club in the neighborhood of Salamanca. I decided to go on my own that night which was something I would never do back at home. Stepping out of my comfort zone was one of the best decisions I made. That night I met some really nice people that would eventually become my friends.

I had left Brussels to do an internship at Be Madrid. Working with young international people helped me a lot in reaching my objective of becoming less shy and more social. Little by little, my colleagues became more than just colleagues. We did almost everything together: from Monday through Sunday we were working, partying, eating, chilling,travelling and laughing together. Being together created a strong bond among all of us which was beneficial for teamwork and social relationships within the office.

When you start creating friendships with your roommates, colleagues and the people you meet during your stay, you feel really happy. On the other hand, you realise that these bonds might be fragile and temporary since we all go home at some point. Although you know this from the start, it still hurts when it’s time to say goodbye. I experienced this feeling when some of my colleagues internships’ came to an end and they had to return home. I realised that it was the end of an amazing experience , something that I will most likely never come across again.

After feeling sad for some time  due to the  physical separation to your “Madrid’s best friends forever”, you finally remember that in this 21st century we can all keep in touch with each other via the multiple social media platforms. Then we live happily ever after!


By Cassie Mengato

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